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MSEA Singapore and Malaysia gateway log in problem?
MapleStory Forums : MapleStory Tech & Patches : Talk about problems with Maple Story and Patches
Mar 19 11
Cassiopeia Cleric
I started up the game, and when it comes to choosing between Singapore and Malaysia gateway, both of them are inaccessible. When I try to click one of them, the message: Trouble logging in? Kindly refer to maplestory.asiasoftsea.net. I found out no patches and updates nor maintenance was on. Am I only the one experiencing this problem? Am I IP banned? Or is it Asiasoft's problem? I've sent tickets to them and they gave me pre-made solutions that I find no use. Please help me state out what am I doing wrong and how to fix it.

* There are no Game Launchers in maplesea.asiasoft.net that I know of.
Mar 19 11
Delphinus Battle Mage 4
Try redownloading MSEA or borrow the new maplestory file from a friend.
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Mar 19 11
Cassiopeia Cleric
Darn. Have to start over the waiting again. Oh wells, at least it's better than posting everywhere and doing nothing. =P

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