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I got hacked

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Domokomo Level 149 Windia Xenon 4
I'm QQing the hacker only took about 600mil worth of stuff from my dualblader, left a versalmas cactus and 12 speed broomstick.
What now?
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1)change the info if u can, then sell the cactus for money
2)start a new account like poster #1 said
Mar 21 2011
Hmm QQ more i guess ? :S idk LAWL
Mar 21 2011
Domokomo Level 149 Windia Xenon 4
Change info. The nx is still there?[/quote]
Yea my nx is still there, I suspect some dude from Block hacked me because a day before I was d/c hacked by someone named 00f1 or something like that I think he's from block.
Mar 21 2011
I always wondered how hackers could get into accounts so easily.
Mar 21 2011
Make a brand new acc, with completly diff info such as username, password, pic

make a new char on a new world with a diff name

or quit =] and come back in a few months after summer
Mar 21 2011
i know how you feel, i got hacked and lost all my stuff. i quit for a while, but came back after a few months, since i had experience with the game, lved fast and got back my items . just start a new account.
Mar 21 2011
1.Change IGN
2. Use nx to get about 100m
3. Do what you did to get that 600m and other stuff
Mar 21 2011

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