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Mar 21 11
Windia Xenon 4
I'm QQing the hacker only took about 600mil worth of stuff from my dualblader, left a versalmas cactus and 12 speed broomstick.
What now?
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Mar 21 11
Bera Marksman
I would start a new account and transfer whatever, if anything, you have left.
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Mar 21 11
Broa F/P Wizard
1)change the info if u can, then sell the cactus for money
2)start a new account like poster #1 said
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Mar 21 11
Bera Night Lord
Hmm QQ more i guess ? :S idk LAWL
Mar 21 11
Windia Xenon 4
Dummy: Change info. The nx is still there?
Yea my nx is still there, I suspect some dude from Block hacked me because a day before I was d/c hacked by someone named 00f1 or something like that I think he's from block.
Mar 21 11
Arcania Blade Lord
I always wondered how hackers could get into accounts so easily.
Mar 21 11
Windia Night Lord
How you get hek?
You be bad boy me guess, becus you info give out?
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Mar 21 11
Windia Shadower
Mar 21 11
Make a brand new acc, with completly diff info such as username, password, pic

make a new char on a new world with a diff name

or quit =] and come back in a few months after summer
Mar 21 11
Khaini Aran 3
i know how you feel, i got hacked and lost all my stuff. i quit for a while, but came back after a few months, since i had experience with the game, lved fast and got back my items . just start a new account.
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