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I constantly get the hackshield error 0x00010303(6607)helpme

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the error says: "change occurred in system time by speed hack related program" i get this error consantly every day i can only be on maple 5-30 mins before i get this error no i am not using hacks no i have never used hacks no i dont have anti virus no

no i do not have my firewall blocking maple or hackshield things i have done

1 i have system reformated my computer to the company basics

2 i have defragged and cleared my disk

3 i have canceled all the start up programs

4 i have canceled processes limiting of wut services are running i have done everything

5 im begging for help ive sent in tickets ive sent in tryed every other soloution either the google searches give me or the support ticket gives me and nothing has fixed it it has been 2 months and ive been dealing with this problem im on the verge of quiting i mean honestly i never hacked i never plan on hacking ive spent plenty of money and time on this game im a 5 year vet and this is the most bull i have ever dealt with help -.-
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well i dont lag like constant i used to though
Apr 07 2011

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