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My Khaini Merchanting guide, with prices.

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KingKong06 Level 150 Khaini Corsair
Hello Basilmarket.
This is my merching guide which is based in Khaini prices since my world is Khini, I will be happy to bind my guide with other world guides and give the mercher guide to other people in other worlds.
Please be aware that this is my personal guide to merching, and my personal guide only, if you have a different or in your sense a better way of merching, then create your own merching thread.

Merching in general-

This section will be on the general merching, just idea and some attitudes towards it all.

Moral code-

Some people think Merchers are heartless people who just want to scam you to make money, correct? Well I as one, make sure I do NOT merch off of guildies, Alliance or friends, unless they agree to being ripped off (if that's what they call it), make sure you double check that is what they want, because this will earn you some brownie points in the future, if you want to rip off known people, I suggest making a different account.


This can be an optional code, as you might want to keep your status of being a mercher/rich on the down low, create an account that is the same class as your main, for example, I am an adventurer, you will want to be an adventurer to transfer your store across as the CS inventory does not combine with other classes/types.
Or you can keep your main, if you are a higher level, you are bound to get a bit more trust thrown your way, as some newer people trust higher leveled people than lower leveled.


If you are not ready to stand in the FM and spam continuously, then I suggest merching is not for you, but I also have a way to keep your hate for the FM away, because hating the FM can result in a big boredom factor which will affect your merching ways, I also suggest getting a bot for spamming, it isn't against the ToS therefore you cannot be banned because it is undetectable.

[i]That is the start-up part, if you have just skipped this part, which I am guessing most have, I would probably just skim through it, because some can be of importance.[/i]


[i]Most people will say 'Buy low, sell high', yes, this is the basic point of merching, but how the hell do you know what to buy and sell? You don't...
Most people say buy and sell GFA, and 10 ATT WG, which is obviously one of the main ones I have seen floating around the marketplace and filling up newer players with hope they will become very rich merching these, which is actually wrong.[/i]

Greed & the look-

Don't be greedy otherwise you will most likely lose money during the period, and thus not merching efficiently, I suggest only spamming 3 ITEMS, you don't want people to think you are a mercher otherwise you will lost respect and people will not trade you to sell you the items, also having a rich look can also attract peoples eyes and maybe even try and look bright and colorful, and change your appearance from time to time to attract the same player.


If you have a bigger fund, obviously you have more money to spend which will result in higher merch value, and meaning you make more money, , I suggest for a welfare amount, which will give you a reasonable profit, around, 100m (100,000,000 mesos), which will get you started good, if you do not have 100m (100,000,000 mesos) then do not stress, I will put many types of merching ways down the bottom which don't require much.

Know your prices of what you are merching-

First of all, make sure you know the general basis of Merching, and make sure you scim through the FM [i]EVERYDAY[/i] to make sure you know the prices, this takes time, I personally know prices from experience, which you will learn eventually, but I will put most prices of the things I merch below this paragraph.

Most people will consider 10m as a deal point in which, say your buying an item for 150m, if you are merching it, you should not negotiate, people who say 10m more than the asking price is not acceptable, hold your ground on buying for a certain price, otherwise this will trick your mind into raising the buying price higher and higher, which is NOT a good law of merching, I cannot stress this enough.

10 ATT WG Merching-

WARNING: These prices for 10 ATT's and the continuing are [i]KHAINI[/i] prices, do check around your world for others.

Obviously 10 ATT Work Gloves (WG) is a common merch, which MOST people which at least 150m merch, which to be honest you really shouldn't be doing, in my mind, I say;

Buy 10 ATT WG for 140m.
Sell for 160-170m.
That is a 20-30m profit, correct?
In most cases in Khaini FM and probably most others, is that people know that you can get more than 140m for 10 ATT's at the moment, so it is very UNLIKELY for people to sell you them for 140m, so I suggest avoiding 10 ATT WG due to the factor that EVERYONE does it.

GFA 60% (Glove for ATT 60%) Merching-

Another common way to merching that EVERYONE does, which you again, really SHOULD NOT, be doing, for the same reason as gloves for ATT.

Buy the scroll for 7m in most cases.
Sell the scroll for 10-13m in store, 13m being an almost unsellable price.
That is only a 3-6m profit.
STOP doing that, 6m profit, for 3 scrolls a day is rediculous, you need to aim higher, be more optimistic, and stop being so newbie and start merching items that will make you more profit, yet if you only have a solid 10m spending money for merching, I do suggest that you merch GFA scrolls, or some other things I will suggest.

Chair and Mount merching

Chair and mount merching is a brilliant way to start off knowing price and beginning your quest of wealthiness, because many people are unaware of inflating and deflating prices in chairs, since they do vary extremely fast, I will do my best to cater to the chairs and to the mounts prices at the moment, although due to the increase in mounts, some may be a bit more expensive than others.


(The prices I list will be selling prices, not buying prices.)

15-Day mounts-

Usually are a great start, if you buy ALL 15-Day mounts for 10m, the look of the mount will cost more than the other looks, for example, there are 3 main structure mounts, which are;

Red Truck - 20m
Gargoyle - 20m
Lion - 30m

30-day mounts-

These mounts will probably not be sold much considering I have only seen a few, but they do sell for a little bit, usually by for 30m and sell for 50m, although the prices may vary.

1-year mounts-

These are great, but don't be tempted to use it like I did with my Lion mount , you can buy these for a stable price, and sell them for an unstable price, considering people have NO IDEA on the price of these mounts, usually some are better than others, these are the prices;

Red Truck- 150m (buy for 90-130m)
Gargoyle- 150m (buy for 90-130m)
Lion- 150-300m (buy for about 150m and less, don't really spend too much considering people will know the price, Lion mount is HIGHLY desired in the market, as I know of about 5 people who are buying, selling for an extremely high price would be extremely profitable)


(The price I list will be selling prices, not buying prices)

Chairs are a difficult thing to remember, a lot of chairs may vary, I will not list EVERY chair in the world, although I will suggest that buy/sell chairs that have unstable prices, such as 'Zakum Chair', 'Easel Chair' and others, make sure you never buy witch chairs for more than 1m as they are an extremely hard sell for 10m, so I suggest keeping the budget for chairs too about 60-150m for different chairs, the chairs I suggest to merch are;

Zakum Chair
Buy: 60-70m
Sell: 100m (NO LESS)

Easel Chair
Buy: 70-90m
Sell: 110-120m (NO LESS)

Dragon Chairs (Abyss and Inferno)
Buy: 100-200m
Sell: 250-300m

Bloody Rose
Buy: 100-180m
Sell: 200-300m

World End
Buy: 100-200m
Sell: 250-300m

Von Leon Chair (AT THE MOMENT)
Buy: 200m (NO MORE)
Sell: 250-300m (Might be a little more.)

Gold Seal Cushion
Buy: 100-150m
Sell: 180-250m

(There are other chairs that are a lot more expensive, and I will list them if they are requested through PM's, and also there are a lot of other chairs below the price of these, I don't suggest buying them, such as Balrog chair, because they barely sell.)

Rings (Lv 17 II and Lv 17-10 rings I)

WARNING: Please be aware that the prices of Lv17 Rings II are UNSTABLE and vary quick, buy and sell at own risk, the same as the other rings.

Okay, first of all, usually these rings are a great thing to merch, this is my main merching type at the moment, that I am working on, so far I have made about 300m with the Lv17 Ring II.

Lv17 Ring II
Buy: 100-110m (NO MORE NO MORE!)
Sell: 150-200m (I suggest 150.)

Okay, now first of all the first event rings are stabilizing, due to the fact that the focusing on Lv17 Ring II, so these are prices of 17-10 leveled rings.

Lv17 Ring I (I don't suggest merching due to the high prices and unstable fortunes)
Buy: 300-400m(Stable)
Sell: 450-500m (Unstable)

Lv16 Ring I
Buy: 100-150m(Unstable)
Sell: 200-300m(Unstable)

Lv15 Ring I (Good to merch with)
Buy: 60-80m (NO MORE)(Unstable)
Sell: 100-110m (NO LESS)(Unstable)

Lv11-14 Ring I
Buy: 10-20m (Unstable) (Do not focus on these types of rings, because they are extremely unstable)
Sell: 40-60m


I personally would warn you to stay away from them, as they are extremely unstable, and always will be, prices will vary, and no accuracte price can be available, this is ALWAYS from experience, no one can estimate a price of a weapon unless they see it really, I suggest contacting a friend or me if I am available in Khaini.


End of.


This is a section about selling with a store, and selling without a store.

Attempting profit with a store-

Obviously this is the most favored way of merchanting, it is eaier with a mushie, so if you are alright with spending the money on a mushie, I suggest buying, and then selling in the mushie while you are buying, so your are merching simultaneously, this is the most recommended way of merching, permits, also work well as well, what I do is buy in the day, and sell at night, I suggest getting more than one if you can, since they last 90 days, it is of good value.

There are many places to set the store, here are some good spots which I usually sell the most;

FM 1-3 (These are obviously the best)
FM 7 (Try and avoid it though, Ludi doesn't sell much)
FM 13 (Do not go to 14 or any other perion place)
FM 18 (Again do not go to 19)

I know this is a bit of a high mark, but if all of those aren't available, set up in FM 12, I have sold A LOT there, just because people randomly go there for some reason.

Attempting profit with-out a store

Okay, this is really not recommended, I highly suggest you do not do this, because you can make next to no profit, but it is do-able, these tips should help;

Find a great guild/Alliance, they can buy your items if they need it for average price, follow the code and don't rip guildies off.

Spam in FM for more over-priced items and hope someone buys it, which to be honest, some people actually do.

Find a friend to put your item in their store, and pay them a fee of some sort, this is the most recommended way of merching if you don't want to spend NX.

Be a supplier; this may sound ridiculous, but people like me, who buy rings for 110m, you could buy them for 100m, and go and sell to me for 115m if you have a lot of them, it's a good easy way, the same with chairs.

That is all I am merching at the moment, and is raking me in some good money.

Thankyou for viewing my guide, PM me for questions and help, if I get enough requests in the comment section below I will continuously update it.

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gotnone0 Level 202 Windia Blade Master
thanks for the guide
Apr 06 2011
KingKong06 Level 150 Khaini Corsair
"I also suggest getting a bot for spamming, it isn't against the ToS therefore you cannot be banned because it is undetectable"

Lol... what? The reasons for it being ok are because it's not against the ToS and it's undetectable? Why should detection matter if it's not against ToS? (Btw it's totally against ToS).[/quote]

Look, it helps a lot, and I'm trying to make people happier about it, I know it is wrong because it's enhancing the game, but what can you do...
Apr 06 2011
ChuckNastee Level 124 Bera Cannoneer 4
Look, it helps a lot, and I'm trying to make people happier about it, I know it is wrong because it's enhancing the game, but what can you do...[/quote]

It's fine that you're trying to help people, but don't lie to them.
Apr 06 2011
Wow nice guide ^_^
Now I just need Zenith prices -_-[/quote]
This. Selling scrolls atm there and I'm still at ~60m
Apr 06 2011
lol youre right about the outfit thing espeically the bear suit. I have suits for diffrent kind of merchs I have :
Bear, Pro (What im wearing now but with 8k wings) Super hero (New one in CS) casual (black casual with black pants) and captian (my favcorite but my sprite wont update)
btw if your looking for a good bear one get the one that goes on your head those gin eyes from bleach teddy bear etc etc
btw my sprite wont upadate but my level will can someone tell me how to fix that?
Apr 06 2011
"also having a rich look can also attract peoples eyes and maybe even try and look bright and colorful, and change your appearance from time to time to attract the same player."

This part is so true, whenever I see a char with a gold-scary-mask with some weird equips, I 've never sell/buy something from that person.
Apr 06 2011
Yeah, this is a decent guide

I think it looks really time consuming... due to the really low buying prices of most items.
Apr 06 2011
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