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finger got stuck in a door

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Apr 09 11
I went over to friend's house today, to prepare a lemonade and cookie stand. Well, on the
way out of the house with all out materials and stuff, my poor pinky got squished by the
closing door. Thankfully my finger only got hit against the door and didn't get stuck between the
door and its frame. But then the upper nail of my pinky is a dark purple and if you look
closely you can see a hint of red, too.

So I have a question. Should I put ice on it or will it not help at all? There's still a
pang of pain every few seconds, and whenever my hands get too cold, my pinky
throbs even more (the nail), so I'm afraid if I put ice on it, it'll be even more painful.
My nails isn't broken, just underneath it I think is blood and a dark bruise. So
what can I do to stop the pain and can anyone tell me if I will grow a new nail
even though it isn't broken? Thanks.

  • By the way, this was about 3 hours ago, if that helps tell you anything.

EDIT: Thanks for the advice, everyone. I really hope it won't take 3-4 months to
look normal, and I hope it won't take more than 2 weeks to recover, since I need
to write and all at school.
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Apr 09 11
Bera Bow Master
Go to the doctor
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Apr 09 11
Nova Blade Recruit
It's a smashed'll live.
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Apr 09 11
A similar situation happened to me a month ago. My nail is still blackish to this day. I didn't put any ice on it or anything. Anyways, the pain will go away in 2-3 days, but your nail won't return to normal until the bloodied nail grows out. It'll probably look normal within 3-4 months.
Apr 09 11
Khaini Night Lord
Just put ice on it thats what my friend did it gunna be better it a few weeks or so
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Apr 09 11
That same thing happened to me 3 years ago... I know it hurts but its fine.
Apr 09 11
Arcania Blade Master
Same thing happened when my dog acciently bit my thumb. It should heal naturally.
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Apr 09 11
Show picture of it?
Apr 09 11
Zenith Battle Mage 4
that happened to my index finger...

just put it in ice for about a minute then band-aid it if you dont want ppl to see it
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Apr 09 11*
Broa Dark Knight
I never put ice on my finger when it was slammed once, I just let it clear on its own. The nail will be fine, my nail didn't grow in differently after.
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