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World Alliance - A sort of World Merge by Nexon

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To combat underpopulation in certain worlds Nexon has come up with an idea:
"That's why we developed a system to create world alliances. This allows low population worlds to play with each other without removing the individual character of each world.

The way it works is that both worlds still exist. They'll remain on the select screen and players will log into them as they always have. Whichever world you're from, you'll continue to be from. Whatever benefits you have from that world, you'll still have them. The only change is that players from both worlds will be able to play together, form guilds, get married, and generally do all the things players can do with other players in their own world. From the perspective of a player in either world, it'll be as though you just had a huge influx of new players into your world. We're really excited about this approach and we'll be trying it out this month. Stay tuned for an announcement about which worlds will be involved."

This sounds like an awesome idea! You can still have server pride but play with other servers. This will create a new kind of community and social interaction. But I think the big question is which worlds would you like to see this happen to?

I'd like to see Demethos merge with someone, its population is a bit on the low side (the FM only fills up 1 - 10 and barely if that).

Edit: It seems some of you think this will happen to all worlds. From the article, it seems it will only happen to UNDERPOPULATED Worlds.
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KyuGuy Level 142 Windia Shadower
That's a pretty cool idea
Those underpopulated worlds will also have extra channels to compensate for the increased population, I'm sure.
I also think Windia should get some free transfers. It's a bit packed, sometimes :x
Apr 09 2011
BodyPainting Level 199 Bera Demon Avenger 2
If its windia and scania Imma quit[/quote]

Windia and Scania aren't underpopulated idiot.
Apr 09 2011
Voi there arent any Spanish in El Nido you mean Mexican puerto Ricans and South americans all the Spanish people are in EMS. Voi plus there arent many spanish people in the USA[/quote]

Why not ask L.A, New York, Vegas, the State of Texas, South Florida, and New Mexico if there arent that many hispanics?
Apr 09 2011
Balmung Level 128 Elnido Blade Master
Spanish people arent hispanic they are european. Hispanic means colonies previously belonging to spain or portugal.
Apr 09 2011
Yellondethos and Demellonde

Have fun you guys xD[/quote]

Demellonde for sure. Because it has "melon" in it XD (sorta)
Apr 09 2011
Yellonde AND Demethos

Just need to come to the conclusion that they will be world allianced.. either with each other or another server..
Saying those servers are fine is just untrue and Nexon knows they're the most unpopulated

Galicia, caution.
Apr 09 2011
Fancy way of saying server merge.

Also, doing this will cause some problems within the economies of the lesser populated servers. Merging say, Windia with Yellonde means that the impact of having higher populous in Windia will interrupt Yellonde's economy and vice versa.

Instead, they should offer players of the populated worlds a free server transfer to a specified ghost town, or give them a selection and some sort of incentive (say a few untradeable event items with nice stats like a Face or Eye Accessory that gives attack and an amount of Maple Points.) Have that incentive be a permanent item, and disable that account which changed over from purchasing a Server Transfer in the future, meaning they retain a permanent residency.

That would be a better solution and the incentive would help encourage a large amount of players to make the transfer.
Apr 09 2011
@Balmung: true but spanish sometimes can be interpreted loosely if u ever though about it and though hispanic ppl have different variation of spanish than the original spain spanish its still called spanish (1 example of loosed interpretation) so its basically like the 2 pronounciation of tomato & potato
Apr 09 2011
adalzon Level 139 Windia F/P Arch Mage
windia and scania should be merged...just add 200 chs
Apr 10 2011
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