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Apr 20 11
Scania I/L Mage
i just got into tespia and i don't know my security pin. its 4 digit, is there any way i can redeem it?
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Apr 21 11*
Scania I/L Mage
I always use the same number, but I made mine when there was only password, no pic. Although I remember the number u had to type in way back in 07... but thats not working... FML
I love how evryone in this thread is 120+ or really close to it except me
Apr 21 11
Scania Paladin
man... i wanna go tespia x-x
Apr 21 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
How am I supposed to remember something from like 5 months ago..
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Apr 21 11
Scania Demon Slayer 4
So some people have to remember something they didn't have?
Apr 21 11
Yellonde Cannoneer 4
I believe you can either enter random numbers or reset it.
Apr 21 11
Bera I/L Arch Mage
I still remember my PIN.
Sadly, I'm not in Tespia, lol.
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Apr 21 11
Scania Hayato 3
RobCorso: i just got into tespia and i don't know my security pin. its 4 digit, is there any way i can redeem it?

Try things that you usually put as your 4 digit code such as birthdays or try on of these
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Apr 21 11
Scania Blade Master
OMG thats soo unfair, how are people suppose to go on tespia, especially those newly selected, if they registered after pics were installed.
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Apr 21 11
Scania F/P Wizard
I still remember my pin.... it's pi
Apr 21 11
KradiaGMS Aran 3
I think it's probably just glitched. Random numbers, anyone?
Yeah I don't wanna download 2gb of lag which'll be gone in a week.
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