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Getting Tespia to Work

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gravedigge15 Level 51 Scania Fighter
Hey guys, I've seen some confusion on how to properly download Tespia and how to get past the PIN screen. So, if you haven't realized by now, I'll try to help you guys log into the server.

Firstly, Downloading the Client.

[url=]Pictures make things easier.[/url]

If you're having trouble seeing that:
Step 1: Click 'Download,' on bottom left of the screen. [i]Don't download from 'Enter Tespia' or you'll be wasting time.[/i]

Go through the steps to downloading and installing the game. Once installation is complete -

Step 2: Make your way back to the Tespia website and boot the game from 'Enter Tespia.'

[i]You should be able to get the client up and running now![/i]

Getting Past the PIN Screen.

[i]//After getting a third try, I finally managed to get some pictures![/i]

This part seems to be giving the most trouble. Don't worry, it's really easy to get past this.

[url=]Get to the point where you have to select a channel, then click on "Move to the Selected Channel."[/url]


[i]/* Having the pleasure of seeing an account where the PIN screen auto triggered, I got to "testing" to find a way to make it stop.[/i]
[i]Answer? Really simple. As soon as you choose a channel, simply ALT+TAB -- before it connects -- back to desktop. Wait a few seconds. Go back to the client, and it should be ready for you to continue on with the guide! */[/i]

Once you connect to the server, [url=]the PIN screen should be popped out already.[/url] At this point you should just:

[i]//Make sure there is no blinking text line on the PIN screen before you start. If there is, something went wrong.[/i]

Step 1: [url=]Press TAB until you see a Leaf appear on 'START.'[/url]
Step 2: [url=]Press the DOWN key to move the leaf to 'CREATE A CHARACTER.'[/url]
Step 3: Press ENTER.

Now you should be at the - 'RESISTANCE/EXPLORERS/DUAL BLADER/ETC' screen.

[url=][i]//The PIN screen will NOT go away, it will stay in the same position until you restart the client later on.[/i][/url]

Step 4: Press ENTER.
Step 5: [url=]When it asks you if you're sure to make the character, press ENTER.[/url]
Step 6: [url=]Enter a name and then press ENTER.[/url] (You will be deleting this character most likely so don't be picky about a name just yet.)
Step 7: [url=]Press ENTER when the CHARACTER SETTINGS window appears.[/url] (Once again, don't try to actually choose, just go with default.)

[url=]Now you should be at the - 'Select a Character' screen.[/url]

You can use the mouse now.

[url=]You will probably be forced into the PIN window. Don't panic. Just restart the client. Simply click on Cancel or just ALT + F4.[/url]

Once you reboot the client, don't go straight to picking the world.
[url=]Instead use 'View All Characters.' Pick the character you just made and it'll ask to create a new PIC.[/url] Do so.
[i]//Thank You Sh1buya for the picture![/i]

At this point you should have control over everything as the normal Maple Client. If you want to go and delete the character to make another you're able to now.

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**Thanks ! :] Most useful thread on basil ^_^**
Apr 21 2011
I got trouble in downloading i downloaded files .... yet i cant find the tespia files HELP

i downloaded top (failed so i deleted files)

i downloaded bottom right (where are the D**ed files :O)
Apr 21 2011
gravedigge15 Level 51 Scania Fighter
I haven't had anyone besides myself test this yet so, don't thank me unless you've tried it.

If you tried and it worked, glad to help.

If you mean where the folder is, it's in the same place as your MapleStory folder.

Go to 'My Computer,' double click on C drive, then open the Nexon folder and you'll see a MapleStoryTespia folder.
Apr 21 2011
chakatstarlight Level 157 Renegades Phantom 4
he obviously tested it him self, why would this info come from anywhere else?
Apr 21 2011
how do you get tespia or get in it?
Apr 21 2011
gravedigge15 Level 51 Scania Fighter
Where did u get this info from ? =)[/quote]

Semi-long story.

I quit Maple some time ago, but I like to come on basil still. I saw the bunch of Tespia threads so I figured I'll try to see if I got accepted for *cough* giggles, and I actually was.. So I downloaded the client and had trouble with the 'Outdated Client' error so I tried different things until I figured out that the 'Download' button worked. Then I was having trouble with the PIN screen and tried some google search to no avail. I was so psyched to finally try Tespia even if it was the anniversary that I tried various things to bypass the PIN (no 3rd party programs), and I little by little got past each part until I finally got online. :O


I was really excited to get on Tespia, so I spent an hour trying to bypass the PIN screen and coming up with what you see here. xD

I really don't know. I don't believe their method works that well if it'll pick me as a Tespian. I'll come back for the little time Tespia will be up to test stuff though. Will do my part during my free time.
Apr 21 2011
Can't get to see the leaf on start ;[ Picture pleaseeeeee
Apr 21 2011
gravedigge15 Level 51 Scania Fighter
Can't get to see the leaf on start ;[ Picture pleaseeeeee[/quote]

Once you pick the channel don't click at any point or it'll trigger the PIN screen. Just keep pressing tab until a little green leaf appears on the right side of the "START" plank.
Apr 21 2011
Hey, did u use this guide? Did u do Part 2?[/quote]

Just go to : and hit "Enter Tespia"
**Note**: You must first log in with your Nexon ID. If you're not invited to Tespia you won't get to see the "Enter Tespia" and will be send back to the regular

@gravedigge15 PM'd you n_n
Apr 21 2011
gravedigge15 Level 51 Scania Fighter
[url=]There's the what you need to look for, the leaf.[/url]

Notice there's no PIN screen because I [i]already[/i] got past it. Proof that it works, I guess.

When the installation was completed I just made my way back to the Tespia website and clicked 'Enter Tespia'. Didn't move any files.
Apr 21 2011
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