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Elsword Open Beta

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Hishotodo Level 200 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
Open Beta is out! Go play! Link:
Elsword website

Preview Video
My video I made during CBT. Just the tutorial dungeon to show how it looks, etc.

Really awesome combo video

I wasn't until I found out we could keep our names from CBT.

I got Orange/Berry/Vanilla. =)

What is Elsword?
It's basically a game like Grand Chase, if you have played Grand Chase, it is very similar.
It's a new MMORPG that came out a little while ago, and is in Open Beta at the current moment.
the game has 3 characters at the moment:

Elsword- Basic sword character, male. His sister is Elesis from grand chase, he wants to prove to her that he is strong too. Also wants to save the same item that was stolen from Rena's home village. Advances to Magic Knight or Sword Knight.

-Magic knight is pretty simple, uses magic attacks.

-Sword knight is simple too, close up melee.

Rena- Pew pew! Archer character. Female. Elf, the usual. Her mission is to originally bring back something that was stolen from her home village. Advances to Wind Sneaker or Grand Archer.

-Wind Sneaker is basically a class that revolves around kicks and combos.

-Grand Archer is just a buff up from her original class, I would suppose.

Aisha- Magician, female. I'm not sure of her story, I believe it kind of went like this: Her magic was suddenly sapped away one day while she was travelling, she was a strong magician, but now is back to a weak state and must regain her power. Advances to Dark Mage or High Mage.

-Dark Mage.. Is a dark mage. Don't know what to say.

-High Mage, the elemental class of the game, basic stuff for MMORPGs'.


1st Job Classes Will Be Released For The Official Launch of Elsword!

This is what you've been waiting for. At 5AMish PDT*, May 4, the Knights, Mages and Rangers of Elsword Online will be getting an upgrade so that you can start to fine tune your characters. Will your Elsword go magic? Will your Rena trade in her bow for some close quarter combat? Will your Ashia summon the demons of the dark or bring us into the light of High Magic? Choose your path.

Skill Reset Potion. Get it now!

Wish you had invested your skill points a bit differently? Here's your chance to set things right. Complete this one-time Event Quest to earn the El Revitalization Drink. Use it to reset all your invested skill points and learn skills as you please to get closer to that well-deserved Job Advancement.

To start the "Revitalize For Job Advancement" quest, pay Ariel a visit once your character has reached level 15 or higher. From there, you must complete the required dungeon and then return to Ariel to get the reward. Be sure to use it before May 18th or it will be deleted.

Other Basiler's IGNs:
Kinky/Demon/(Nude, Naked?)
Bu KK ake( No spaces.)
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Can you play Elsword in Europe ? Because I got a beta invitation from killercombo to play Elsword.
Apr 26 2011
Arios Level 210 Broa Night Lord
I got Phantom.
Can't wait for my halo.
Apr 26 2011
holy crap thank you so much for posting this i didn't know elesword was coming to america can't wait till my download is done
my characters name is Miragenin add me if you want

dang it doesn't start till 3am tomorrow for me : oh well at least i'll have 3 hours to play before school lol
Apr 26 2011
GeEmEs Level 180 Scania Shade 4
I'm going to be playing, but I'll only be receiving the title

At least I got the IGN 'Paladin'.

@Shikage08: I agree. The only reason I'm going with Sword Knight is because of that huge energy sword
Apr 26 2011
New Screen: Drizzmal the angelic buster
Hishotodo Level 200 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
I'll put your IGNs up on the OP so we can all add eachother and stuff when it opens tommorow.
Apr 26 2011
ShiKage08 Level 138 Bera Hero
I'm going to be playing, but I'll only be receiving the title

At least I got the IGN 'Paladin'.

@Shikage08: I agree. The only reason I'm going with Sword Knight is because of that huge energy sword [/quote]

Armageddon Blade? Lol It's a neat skill, but I never really had any practical use for it.

My name will probably be ShiKage.
Apr 26 2011
Looks interesting. I'll be playing.
Not sure what my IGN will be though.
Apr 26 2011
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