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Maple Weapon Drop List Sorted By Monster

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I thought this might be help full to see which monsters drop multiple maple weapon types

Afterlord Maple Pyrope Knuckle
Annoyed Zombie Mushroom Maple Crow
Beetle Maple Pyrope Axe
Beetle Maple Pyrope Rohen
Bellamoa Maple Claw
Birk Maple Pyrope Spear
Black Porky Maple Doom Singer
Black Porky Maple Strom Pistol
Black Ratz Maple Crow
Bloctopus Maple Duke Katara
Blood Harp Maple Pyrope Staff
Blue Flower Serpent Maple Wagner
Blue Mushroom Maple Sword
Brown Teddy Maple Katara
Bubble Fish Maple Katara
Buffy Maple Soul Rohen
Cactus Maple Katara
Captain Maple Pyrope Hammer
Cellion Maple Soul Spear
Cerebes Maple Pyrope Sword
Cerebes Maple Pyrope Rohen
Chief Gray Maple Crossbow
Chipmunk Maple Lama Staff
Chipmunk Maple Kandaya
Chirppy Maple Bow
Chronos Maple Soul Singer
Chronos Maple Duke Katara
Commander Skeleton Maple Pyrope Crow
Commander Skeleton Maple Pyrope Skanda
Coolie Zombie Maple Belzet
D. Roy Maple Pyrope Hammer
Dark Clock Maple Pyrope Sword
Dark Drake Maple Demon Axe
Dark Drake Maple Nishada
Dark Drake Maple Golden Claw
Dark Jr. Yeti Maple Belzet
Dark Klock Maple Pyrope Maul
Dark Klock Maple Pyrope Knuckle
Dark Nependeath Maple Impaler
Dark Nependeath Maple Strom Pistol
Dark Rash Maple Pyrope Halfmoon
Dark Rash Maple Pyrope Wand
Dark Stone Golem Maple Havoc Hammer
Dark Stone Golem Maple Cleat Katara
Dark Stone Golem Maple Nishada
Deep Buffoon Maple Pyrope Hammer
Deep Buffoon Maple Pyrope Wand
Deep Buffoon Maple Pyrope Spear
Desert Giant Maple Crossbow
Desert Giant Maple Storm Finger
Dessert Rabbit (m) Maple Claw
Dragon Rider Maple Pyrope Shooter
Dual Beetle Maple Pyrope Bow
Dunas Maple Pyrope Katara
Dunas Maple Pyrope Staff
Dunas Maple Pyrope Spear
Dyle Maple Skanda
Ear Plug Plead Maple Crow
Evil Eye Maple Katara
Eye of Time Maple Pyrope Katara
Female Mannequin Maple Crossbow
Fire Boar Maple Claw
Fire Boar Maple Gun
Fire Bomb Maple Wisdom Staff
Fire Sentinel Maple Dragon Axe
Firebomb Maple Golden Claw
Flyeye Maple Storm Finger
Freezer Maple Scorpio
Gate Keeper Maple Pyrope Hellslayer
Ghost Stump Maple Claw
Gigantic Spirit Viking Maple Pyrope Crow
Gigantic Spirit Viking Maple Pyrope Skanda
Goby Maple Pyrope Maul
Gold Slime Maple Pyrope Battle Axe
Greatest Oldies Maple Impaler
Green Hobi Maple Pyrope Katara
Green Hobi Maple Pyrope Rohen
Green King Goblin Maple Cannon Shooter
Grim Phantom Watch Maple Pyrope Hellslayer
Grizzly Maple Skanda
Grupin Maple Golden Claw
Hankie Maple Pyrope Wand
Hankie Maple Pyrope Staff
Harp Maple Pyrope Halfmoon
Hector Maple Glory Sword
Hector Maple Soul Spear
Hector Maple Golden Claw
Hobi Maple Pyrope Sword
Hogul Maple Asura Dagger
Homun Maple Dark Mate
Homun Maple Wisdom Staff
Homunculus Maple Pyrope Wand
Homunscullo Maple Pyrope Halfmoon
Ice Drake Maple Dark Mate
Imperial Guard Maple Pyrope Maul
Intoxicated Pig Maple Dragon Axe
Iron Boar Maple Wagner
Iron Mutae Maple Wagner
Iruvata Maple Pyrope Hammer
Iruvata Maple Pyrope Maul
Jar Maple Lama Staff
Jr. Cellion Maple Gun
Jr. Cerebes Maple Strom Pistol
Jr. Loiner Maple Staff
Jr. Lucida Maple Shine Wand
Jr. Lucida Maple Demon Axe
Jr. Lucida Maple Golden Claw
Jr. Necki Maple Claw
Jr. Newtie Maple Pyrope Knuckle
Jr. Seal Maple Kandaya
King Block Golem Maple Doom Singer
Kiyro Maple Sword
Krappy Maple Staff
Kru Maple Wisdom Staff
Kru Maple Pyrope Battle Axe
Lazy Buffy Maple Asura Dagger
Leatty Maple Crow
Ligator Maple Gun
Lioner Maple Steel Axe
Lioner Maple Soul Rohen
Lorang Maple Crossbow
Lucida Maple Pyrope Halfmoon
Lucida Maple Pyrope Crow
Lunar Pixie Maple Impaler
Luster Pixie Maple Skanda
Malady Maple Steel Axe
Male Mannequin Maple Doom Singer
Mast Soul Teddy Maple Belzet
Master Soul Teddy Maple Cannon Shooter
Maverick Type A Maple Pyrope Hammer
Maverick Type S Maple Pyrope Hellslayer
Mecateon Maple Wagner
Memory Gaurdian Maple Pyrope Hellslayer
Memory Monk Maple Pyrope Hellslayer
Memory Monk Maple Pyrope Skanda
Memory Monk Trainie Maple Pyrope Crow
Miner Zombie Maple Havoc Hammer
Miner Zombie Maple Kandiva Bow
Mithril Mutae Maple Impaler
Mithril Mutae Maple Kandaya
Mixed Golem Maple Soul Rohen
Moon Bunny Maple Storm Finger
Mossy Mushroom Maple Glory Sword
Mossy Mushroom Maple Shine Wand
Mossy Mushroom Maple Karstan
Mr. Ali Maple Dark Mate
Mr. Ali Maple Wisdom Staff
MT-)9 Maple Soul Spear
Neo Huroid Maple Havoc Hammer
Neo Huroid Maple Asura Dagger
Neo Huroid Maple Karstan
Nependeath Maple Dragon Axe
Nependeath Maple Crossbow
Nest Golem Maple Pyrope Bow
Nest Golem Maple Pyrope Knuckle
Nibelung Maple Pyrope Bow
Nine-Taled Fox Maple Pyrope Sword
Oberon Maple Pyrope Skanda
Oblivian Gaurdian Maple Pyrope Shooter
Oblivian Monk Trainee Maple Pyrope Bow
Officer Skeleton Maple Kandiva Bow
Overlord A Maple Pyrope Axe
Overlord B Maple Pyrope Halfmoon
Overlord B Maple Pyrope Rohen
Panda Maple Havoc Hammer
Panda Teddy Maple Duke Katara
Papulatus Maple Pyrope Shooter
Peach Monkey Maple Cleat Katara
Pink Perfume Maple Soul Searcher
Pink Teddy Maple Bow
Pink Teddy Maple Gun
Plateon Maple Soul Searcher
Platoon Chronos Maple Dragon Axe
Poison Mushroom Maple Katara
Poison Mushroom Maple Staff
Poison Poopa Maple Lama Staff
Poopa Maple Soul Singer
Primitive Boar Maple Karstan
Prototype Lord Maple Pyrope Staff
Qualm Monk Maple Pyrope Crow
Rash Maple Cannon Shooter
Ratz Maple Kandaya
Ratz Maple Gun
Red Drake Maple Havoc Hammer
Red Flower Serpent Maple Strom Pistol
Red Slime Maple Pyrope Axe
Reindeer Maple Asura Dagger
Reinforced Iron Mutae Maple Doom Singer
Retz Maple Kandaya
Risell Squid Maple Pyrope Battle Axe
Robby Maple Pyrope Wand
Robby Maple Pyrope Staff
Robby Maple Pyrope Spear
Robo Maple Dragon Axe
Roid Maple Steel Axe
Roid Maple Cleat Katara
Roloduck Maple Lama Staff
Royal Cactus Maple Staff
Royal Guard Maple Pyrope Battle Axe
Royal Guard Pepe Maple Bow
Rumo Maple Staff
Sage Cat Maple Demon Axe
Sage Cat Maple Belzet
Sage Cat Maple Soul Spear
Sage Cat Maple Kandiva Bow
Sage Cat Maple Nishada
Saitie Maple Steel Axe
Saitie Maple Demon Axe
Samiho Maple Shine Wand
Seacle Maple Sword
Sekeleton Soldger Maple Dark Mate
Separated Dark Pepe Maple Wisdom Staff
Separated Pepe Maple Cleat Katara
Seperated Yeti Maple Cannon Shooter
Seruf Maple Kandaya
Silver Slime Maple Pyrope Rohen
Skeledog Maple Wagner
Soul Teddy Maple Dark Mate
Soul Teddy Maple Shine Wand
Soul Teddy Maple Skanda
Sparker Maple Doom Singer
Squid Maple Pyrope Maul
Sr. Bellflower Root Maple Glory Sword
Sr. Bellflower Root Maple Asura Dagger
Sr. Bellflower Root Maple Karstan
Star Pixie Maple Bow
Stone Bug Maple Karstan
Stone Golem Maple Glory Sword
Stone Golem Maple Nishada
Straw Target Dummy Maple Shine Wand
Tae Roon Maple Pyrope Bow
Taurospear Maple Pyrope Spear
Taurospear Maple Pyrope Shooter
Thanatos Maple Pyrope Knuckle
The Book Ghost Maple Glory Sword
The Book Ghost Maple Steel Axe
The Book Ghost Maple Soul Rohen
The Book Ghost Maple Demon Axe
Tick Maple Scorpio
Tick-Tock Maple Soul Singer
Timer Maple Cannon Shooter
Tortie Maple Soul Searcher
Tortie Maple Strom Pistol
Tot Trojan Maple Scorpio
Transformed Yeti Maple Kandiva Bow
Tree Rod Maple Soul Searcher
Triple Rumo Maple Soul Singer
Triple Rumo Maple Scorpio
Tweeter Maple Duke Katara
Tweeter Maple Scorpio
Werewolf Maple Pyrope Katara
Werewolf Maple Pyrope Battle Axe
Werewolf Maple Pyrope Skanda
Werewolf Maple Pyrope Shooter
White Fang Maple Nishada
Wild Kargo Maple Cleat Katara
Wild Kargo Maple Kandiva Bow
Wold Boar Maple Bow
Wooden Mask Maple Sword
Yellow King Goblin Maple Pyrope Axe
Yeti Maple Soul Rohen
Yeti Doll Maple Lama Staff
Yeti Doll Maple Lama Staff
Zeno Maple Skanda
Zeta Gray Maple Impaler
Zeta Gray Maple Storm Finger
Zombie Lupin Maple Soul Singer
Zombie Lupin Maple Storm Finger
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