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May 04 11
Windia Bow Master
Intrepidity Guild
I just bought the Maplestory DVD and when I ran the installer it hadn't even begun to install when it told me 'An error occurred during installation. Please try agan.'
Then when I click ok there's a pop up saying 'ERROR CODE = -40 Installation failed.(15206,0)
And that's it. The same thing every time I try, even after restartng.

EDIT: I copied the installer to another location, and when I ran it it created a file called NGM and all that was in it was:
NGM: [05/04 16:17:20] Install Start
[05/04 16:17:20] URL : _#FROM_LOCAL#_
[05/04 16:17:20] User Temp Directory : COCUME~1JosiahLOCALS~1Temp
[05/04 16:17:20] Use CRC : false
[05/04 16:17:20] File Name : MapleStory.nfo
[05/04 16:17:20] Game Code : 33563155
[05/04 16:17:20] Cannot Load Resource(JrogramsMaplestoryMSSetup.exe,Cocuments and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNexonUSNGMnpNxGameUS.dll,1006)
[05/04 16:17:20] ErrCode : 14000 - 402 - 32
[05/04 16:17:20] File information mismatch: 0, 1646757867, 2101012914
[05/04 16:17:20] ErrCode : 15000 - 206 - 0
MapleStory Screen: Monster life mob in a cutscene
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May 04 11
Scania Bishop
WAAAAIT a minute.
You actually got the DVD from them?
Congrats. But I have no idea how to help you.
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May 04 11
Windia Bow Master
Intrepidity Guild
Wat's the congrats for?
MapleStory Screen: Monster life mob in a cutscene
May 04 11*
Scania Hero
Nexon made a blunder and sold DVDs with a corrupt installer. I had the exact problem with the DVD. I had to ultimately download Maple to make it work. If its the DVD with Mabinogi in it then well Mabi works but maple doesnt. Sad part for me was I couldnt run Mabi because its restricted to North America only so in short. I got duped. See if you can claim a refund. And someone needs to say it to be noticed that people should avoid buying the DVDs . Nexon is Nexon - they may fix the newer DVDS after a few years at their pace.

With all the problems Maple has already , maybe the nexon staff should stop on the new patches and make the game technically fit, fix the installers, fix the downloader thing. These problems have been around for months or even years and yet they keep ignoring it.
May 05 11
Windia Bow Master
Intrepidity Guild
Thankyou very much for replying to me well after the thread should have been closed.
I worked it out eventually, many many other people had identical problems, Mabinogi, Combat Arms and Poptag all worked on three different computers and maple didn't every time. You can't get refunds but you can get a free replacement, though I don't see how that would work if every one is faulty in the same way.

*sigh* I had 1GB downloaded before I got the DVD and then the download cancelled for some reason... >.>
MapleStory Screen: Monster life mob in a cutscene

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