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Guide: how to make mesos without merching

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izumiisha Level 200 Bera Demon Slayer 4
personally i have never merched
this is just from experience this is not a detailed guide or anything just some ideas and experiences

  1. get a store

this is important any items that drop from monsters that can be sold can always be sold for more in a shop
this may seem like merching but it is not
the point of this store is to be able to sell ur items that u get from monsters and boss runs and everything else
with the store u can afk and items will sell you can make mesos without a store however it is alot easier with one

  1. leveling

Many people think that the higher the lvl someone is the more mesos they should have.
There is a reason for this.
the higher lvl u are the better the drops from the monsters are
when u get to a high enough lvl that scrolls and items lvl 70+ drop from monsters, you can make alot of mesos

  1. Making mesos

the most common ways of making mesos this way are scrolls, lvl 71+(3rd tier potential) with good potential stats equipment, and mastery books
Another common way to make mesos is killing bosses, many bosses have good drops and can be sold for alot
Another way that mesos can be made that is not that common is scrolling equipment
this works really well for selling weapons, however it can go disasterously wrong

  1. Equips

For the lvl 71+ equips u should try to get items that are indemand
for example right now warriors are really popular so u should hunt neos tops and pants
when an item drops with potential you should always uncover it
you never know this could earn u many millions
3 line potential is always wanted so if u find any lvl 71+ equips with 3 line potential u should be able to make at least 5 mill from it
Weapons are also good above average clean weapons or weapons with 3 line potential can be sold for a nice amount

  1. scrolls

many monsters drop good scrolls such as GFA 60% and weapon attack scrolls
these monsters ussually also drop good equips or a mastery book or two so they are always worth hunting

  1. mastery books

this is a huge money maker for non merchers
monsters such as rextons can drop many MANY expensive mastery books
These items sell really well in stores
and u can also sell them to random people by job.
Remember a good mastery book can go along way

  1. scrolling items

people could try this when they already have a decent amount of mesos
so if it fails they can try again
if scrolling an item goes really well for you, it could result in billions of profit
dont forget hunting for materials can save you alot of mesos
so using scrolls that you farm and an equipment you get from a monster can get u a nice item without having to buy anything

  1. events

events are always a great way to make mesos u can get items that sell for alot its easy and fast mesos

  1. other methods

there are also other methods such as getting married, and doing apq, then selling apples
you can also get to lvl 120+ and get some nice friends
then do cwkpq,
cwkpq can u you some really nice items such as black fist cloak and mastery books
you can also host cwkpq and sell MoNs
another method is quests
many quests give nice rewards such as scrolls
do these quests and sell the scrolls, this can get u alot of mesos
a good quest to do is the Keeny's Research on D.Roid! quest, this is a lvl 85+ quest
this quest gives strong machine gloves which are lvl 90 common gloves so they are very popular
pot these and u can make alot of mesos
Also you can hunt monsters that drop etc drops that are in demand or worth alot such as crimson woods

  1. conclusion

in conclusion hunt and sell is the easiest way
please excuse any grammer or spelling mistakes i may have made
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rsbob1996 Level 187 Galicia Buccaneer
uhh... im pretty sure most of all that is considered merching
May 07 2011
izumiisha Level 200 Bera Demon Slayer 4
uhh... im pretty sure most of all that is considered merching[/quote]

merching is when you stay all day in fm and buy items for cheap then resell them overpriced
hunting and selling is not merching
May 07 2011
nice good for starters or non nx buyers this could help do gfa quests in ludi and nlc i heard theres a showa quest that gives bwg but gives at ramdom times i did 2 times got fail items >.> anyway ill rate the thread 7 over 10 its pretty good keep it up bro =)
May 07 2011
izumiisha Level 200 Bera Demon Slayer 4
lol paul nice comment
and thanks @2thief4u
um as for the gfa quests
i believe there are 2 quests
1 is in nlc subanis legacy, and the 2nd is at ludi the clear out eos tower after u kill rombot u get a GFA
May 07 2011
Shmebro Level 22 Scania Blade Recruit
well. now i have to rethink all that i thought about mesos, merching, life, etecuh
May 07 2011
izumiisha Level 200 Bera Demon Slayer 4
well. now i have to rethink all that i thought about mesos, merching, life, etecuh[/quote]

whats etecuh
and good for you lol
May 07 2011
=)))) Like......yea this guide is alot better than just merching all day long and it also wastes hours worth of xp
May 14 2011
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