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How to check if your banned VIA Nexon.net
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
May 06 11
KradiaGMS Mechanic 3
Well i don't wanna log on the game so is there a way to check if your still banned on nexon.net?
May 06 11
Windia Paladin
Attempt to buy nx. Last time i did that it didnt allow me saying i was banned. (Notice i say attempt as in charge online and not go through entire process)
May 06 11
Scania Mercedes 4
You could check the rankings, but they haven't been updated in a while so that might not work.
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May 06 11
Windia Luminous 3
What are you potentially banned for?

And wouldn't logging into the site work with telling you that you're banned I think? I might be wrong...
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May 06 11
KradiaGMS Mechanic 3
Apparently "Hacking". Well I just logged in and everything was fine...
May 06 11
Bera Blade Lord
MaplestoryOwnz: so you waste your time talking to people besides logging on ? troll -_-"

maybe he doesn't want to patch/reinstall ms again
May 06 11
KradiaGMS Mechanic 3
MaplestoryOwnz :

Why would i troll. I just dont wanna patch it and my comptuer aint that good. It takes like 5 minutes to get onto Maplestory. Also whats the point of going on and see Your account is not able to connect the games because you are banned... etc
May 06 11
Khaini Marksman
Go patch the game and try to log in to see if you got banned. I don't see how you can't just do something else while waiting for it to load up when it's the only reasonable way to find out.
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May 06 11*
KradiaGMS Mechanic 3
pfft kk ill try brb

This is why i can't log on. My maplestory just doesnt pop up
May 06 11
Windia Spearman
Ah, Basil. You are so sweet and kind to each other.

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