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Evan skill elemental reset

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I dont understand what it means. does it mean it cancels ele effects? such as if i do 1 dmg with fire circle on a fire tusk ill do normal damage with ele reset? and if i do it on a fire weak monster will it still effect it?
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jh92 Level 203 Demethos Luminous 4
it change all the skills into neutral element,not sure if ewand/staff effect still work or not
May 10 2011
it change all the skills into neutral element,not sure if ewand/staff effect still work or not[/quote]

thank you but i wont do more than average damage to a monster thats weak to fire if i used fire circle with this skill? and i wont get to 163 or anything just asking xD
May 10 2011
if you use elemental reset and your fighting fire weak monsters and you use fire circle you will do average dmg because your skill is now neutral, so you have to be smart when you decided to use it because if you use it at the wrong times, you can lower your potential dmg against a monster, what i like to do is either research the monster or test it out myself.
May 10 2011
LampShadow Level 206 Scania Wind Archer 4
Yeah it basically makes it so all of your attacks do 1.0x damage (aka average). Normally if you were to use a fire tech on a fire-weak monster you would do 1.5x, if you used a fire tech on a fire-strong monster you'd do .5x, and if you were attacking a fire-resistant monster you'd do 0x (aka 1 damage).

The percentages in the skill description apply to these numbers, so at lvl 5 you'll have 50% elemental damage reduction making your damage (with a fire attack) 1.0x to normal monsters, 1.25x to fire weak, .75x to fire strong, and .5x to fire resistant. With lvl 10 elemental reset all of these multipliers will become 1x
May 10 2011

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