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fastest way to get to aqua road from victoria?

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May 13 11
Galicia Dawn Warrior 3
tittle says it
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May 14 11*
Windia Phantom 4
VIP Teleport Rock.
Family Tele.
Vic>Edel>Orbis>Mu Lung>Herb Town>Aqua Road
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May 14 11*
Scania Chief Bandit
Vic > Edelstein > Orbis > Down the tower (If you don't have an orbis rock scroll; Walk down untill you see snow on the ground, use a nearest town scroll and walk to aqua from nath.) or Orbis > Mu Lung > Herb Town, through dolphin.
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May 14 11
Broa Blade Lord
Go to Edelstein then to Orbis and go down to the bottom of Orbis Tower to Aqua Road.
May 14 11
Scania Hero
If you have a orbit rock scroll you can go down tower too.
May 14 11
Khaini Dark Knight
orbis, mu lung, herb town, aqua...going down orbis stairs is annoying even its only 20 floors.
May 14 11
Scania Cleric
Family teleport (if you're in a huge family).
Victoria Island->Orbis->Orbis Tower (use Orbis scroll to get down the 20 floors)->Aqua Road
May 14 11
Mardia Blade Master
Vic, Ereve, Orbis, Down Tower (walk to 7th floor and nearest town scroll or use orbis scroll), El Nath, Aqua Road
May 14 11
Mardia Blade Master
rly? i thought the edelstein flight was like 5 mins

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