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Pie pet commands

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I just got one, and I'm trying to figure out what their commands are. I did buy the pet command book, but none of them seems to work except, "sit". Does anyone else kno any that works? I've tried all of the possible commands! dam pie...
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ya.... sit is the onlyone that works for couple levels but if u say bad it sometimes works but he wont react to it
May 15 2011
my pie is lvl 7...and no reaction except for sit.
Sometimes sleep works, and sometimes the other
commands gives exp, but nothing else....
May 15 2011
BobR Level 163 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Well, compared to your average dog or dragon, how much intelligence do you figure the average pie or cake has anyway..?

It's probably straining it's brain cell just sitting already.
May 15 2011
sakuranw Level 86 Windia Blade Lord
level 1~30
sit, bad, no, eat, talk|chat|say, iloveyou, sleep
level 10~30
level 20~30
poop, big, smarty
the pet may not react to all commands but the closeness still increases
May 17 2011
I got a penguin and the commands don't work. None of them work! But it's only lv 2 so... Yeah.
May 29 2011
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Go to the Pet Shop and buy a Pet Book.
May 29 2011
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