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Thunder Breaker or Wind Archer?

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Should I be a Thunder Breaker or a Wind Archer?

They both look cool to me .
But which would be easier to make a UA and to make without fundings. I have like 300k at most. -_-.
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superimani Level 171 Bera Buccaneer
@Michaeldjmtv: Hate you? Who cares about other peoples over an online game?

If you think you can get to 120 in like 27ish days (How long before chaos comes and nerfs SD) Make a DW.
May 16 2011
I personally made a wind archer because I had always wanted a third job or higher archer but never liked their second job. I found it to be a lot of fun, but the peridot quest was really annoying for me. If you only have a few hundred thousand mesos, I sugget thunder breaker, since they look like a lot of fun as well. It really comes down to personal preference, but my guess is that thunder breakers are probably the easier choice.
May 16 2011
So a TB would be the better choice?
May 16 2011
blaylock101 Level 149 Bellocan Mercedes 4
If it's solely for making a UA, make a DW...
If you want fun doing it make a Thunder breaker because spamming sharks is hella fun
And you can do amazazing damage with not so amazing equips.
May 16 2011
omg. 2 above. It's not just for UA. O-O.

omg. I don't know between WA or TB
May 16 2011
iShotBunny Level 74 Windia Priest
Thunder failuer or Fail Archer..

Dawn Winner is the easiest strongest and fastest to 120.[/quote]

He might play for fun. He might not care who gets to 120 first.
May 16 2011
Since arrow rain is getting nerf with chaos, I would say TB is much better choice.

Edit: Even with SD nerf its still a very good skill, especialy for a close ranged class like warriors.
May 16 2011
Don't make a Dawn Warrior everyone will hate you ... and they are getting nerfed so it'll be useless ... Thunder Breakers are way better[/quote]

thats why once you hit 120 with peridots you wont use it anymore.. i know i wont, even if it was getting buffed or even with any other knight..
May 16 2011
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