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May 21 11
Bera Evan 4th Growth
I need help because when u press it shows to press the button but my laptop doesnt have that button and i cant move it. I'm sorry i dont know what laptop i have but it is hp.
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May 21 11
ElNido Evan 2nd Growth
My HP laptop has the Scroll Lock key in a different location to most keyboard layouts. I have to press and hold the FUNCTION key and then hit the SCROLL LOCK key to take a shot.

Some keyboards also list the Scroll Lock key as SLK. Another suggestion is have a look near your F9-F12 keys... it might be there somewhere.

Otherwise, maybe invest in a wireless keyboard that you know has the Scroll Lock key in an easy to find location.

Hope this helps
May 21 11
Windia Cannoneer 4
What the above poster said.-
May 21 11
Bera Hero
I have a button "Print screen" and my other laptop has "PrtScr"
May 21 11
ElNido Demon Slayer 3
I play maple on a macbook pro and I have the same problem, there's no screenshot button.
May 21 11
Bera Shadower
My laptop doesn't have the button at all either. My old laptop did, but a lot of newer ones don't come with it.
They should really let you change the screenshot key...
May 21 11
Bera Evan 4th Growth
ya thanks everyone but i guess i can't take it. I wanted to take it when i was hitting 100. Luckily i did but i couldnt share it with anyone.
May 21 11
Windia Rogue
FN + Prt Sc/Sys Rq
May 21 11
Zenith Phantom 4
Physics Guild
Skiizzlez: FN + Prt Sc/Sys Rq

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