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How do i take a screenshot?

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M4pleBlad3r Level 47 Bera Evan 4th Growth
I need help because when u press it shows to press the button but my laptop doesnt have that button and i cant move it. I'm sorry i dont know what laptop i have but it is hp.
Posted: May 2011 Permalink


My HP laptop has the Scroll Lock key in a different location to most keyboard layouts. I have to press and hold the FUNCTION key and then hit the SCROLL LOCK key to take a shot.

Some keyboards also list the Scroll Lock key as SLK. Another suggestion is have a look near your F9-F12 keys... it might be there somewhere.

Otherwise, maybe invest in a wireless keyboard that you know has the Scroll Lock key in an easy to find location.

Hope this helps
May 21 2011
What the above poster said.-
May 21 2011
AntonBE2 Level 132 Bera Hero
I have a button "Print screen" and my other laptop has "PrtScr"
May 21 2011
I play maple on a macbook pro and I have the same problem, there's no screenshot button.
May 21 2011
My laptop doesn't have the button at all either. My old laptop did, but a lot of newer ones don't come with it.
They should really let you change the screenshot key...
May 21 2011
M4pleBlad3r Level 47 Bera Evan 4th Growth
ya thanks everyone but i guess i can't take it. I wanted to take it when i was hitting 100. Luckily i did but i couldnt share it with anyone.
May 21 2011

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