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price check on maple warrior 30

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matthew621 Level 39 Renegades Blade Acolyte
Anybody know the price? i have 2 of these and im also wondering if they will inflate
Posted: May 2011 Permalink


matthew621 Level 39 Renegades Blade Acolyte
@chrisj654321 is the price going to inflate? :o in scania its like 500-750m
May 21 2011
WandMcStaff Level 47 Galicia Page
broa is 100m
i think scania is around 200m-300m idk really juest chech the whole fm they r everywhere[/quote]

Maple Warrior 30 is a lot more then that! I hope you are talking about Maple Warrior 20!
Anyways, Maple Warrior 30 is around 700 m ~800 m , somewhere near the billion.
May 21 2011
they have gone down in windia... they used to be 700 mil, then 600 mil, currently they are like 550 mil in windia.. so i don't think they'll go up by much, if at all.. they keep delfating.
May 21 2011
matthew621 Level 39 Renegades Blade Acolyte
what kind of hack is this?
May 21 2011

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