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May 28 11
Scania Paladin
I have an item that's 2lined epic. If I use a Premium Cube and the 25% to get a 3line works, will it still be an epic item?
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May 28 11
Bera Angelic Buster 1
Or it'll turn unique.
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May 28 11
Broa Night Walker 4
It can either rank up or stay the same, so there'es no harm in trying.
May 28 11
Broa Mercedes 4
It should. I used 3 premium cubes on my epic concerto to get it to 3 lined and it stayed epic
May 28 11
DemethosGMS Corsair
its all luck
May 28 11
Scania Paladin
i thought pre cubes can only be used on rare pot
May 28 11
Broa Dark Knight
I used 5 hypers on my alchu but it stayed 2 line, however the tier ranked up to unique (from epic) and I got 30% boss and 15% ignore
All depends on your luck for getting your item from 2 lined to 3 lined I guess.
May 28 11
Galicia Corsair
pretty much u 25% to take a step forward or don't move at all
May 28 11
Windia Sniper
Lol just read the description on premium cubes, the pot lvl has to be rare to use it.
May 28 11
Broa Marksman
SniperZell: Lol just read the description on premium cubes, the pot lvl has to be rare to use it.

So how are people getting unique items in the first place?
I mean miracle cubes say they can only be used on "rare" items.

Rare = any item with potential.
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