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Pc on 15% dex earrings

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Cecelia Earrings - 9% dex, 6% dex. +8 dex scrolled too.

Metal heart earrings*, lvl 80 * sorry for the confusion *
Posted: May 2011 Permalink


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hmm really^? i was thinking 1.5? no?
May 29 2011
cecelia's earrings fall under 2nd tier.. so it only gets 6% max per line..
so..... yea
May 29 2011
randumfreak9 Level 81 Renegades Mercedes 3
May 29 2011
Oh these r metal heart earrings sorry.
May 29 2011
1.6b is the max i can get for it?^
May 29 2011
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