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May 30 11
Scania Cannoneer 2
for all those ua's or lvl 120 cygnus knights how long did it take you to find manon and griffey and how long did it take to kill them?
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May 30 11
Nova Blade Recruit
Took like 15mins to kill each on my DW because they keep 1/1'ing and de-buffing -.-
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May 30 11
Windia Hermit
i found them in less than 3 mins lol but that stupid griffin kept 1/1ing me and stunning me the entire time...
May 30 11
Bera Hero
didn't take long at all for either
finding and killing them was probably like 10 min each
May 30 11
Scania Blade Master
Looked between 2-3 channels for each
May 30 11
Bellocan Noblesse
I found like 5 lv 120 ck's waiting for them, but they were afk. I actually tried and it took me like 30 minutes for both, including kills
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May 30 11*
Scania Angelic Buster 4
About 30 mins ea to find them
10 mins to kill?
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May 30 11
Mardia Aran 4
Manon? Easysauce, finding him was no problem. Took me a few mins to kill him.
Griffey? THAT MO!@%!$#%!@ son of a !@Y!%@^ took me !@%#ing forever to find. Killing him was no problem, but finding him was another story.
May 30 11
Scania Cannoneer 2
will i be ok if i bring 700 unagis and 300 mp elixirs ?
May 30 11
Zenith Mercedes 4
Took me 10 minutes total
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