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New Class Ideas

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I've been thinking about this for a long time and since the big bang and the rise of the Resistance set of classes I've had a couple of ideas.

As most people would have realised there are four sets of classes, Adventurers, Cygnus Knights, Legends and the Resistance set all with their own characteristics which can be identified within each of their own classes.

As we all know adventurers were the first class which all the other sets have built on and each of the five classes has two or three branches of sub classes which is unique to the explorer class. Then came the cygnus knights which were (no hate please) not much different from their adventurer counter parts except for a few extra moves that made them quite unique. The legend classes which are still being developed, are the big advancements in the classes and are very different to the adventurer class that they are like, however the concept of the class itself has not been altered as much, such as evans where pretty much all the moves are ranged just as a normal adventurer class magician would be except for the fact that it is not the character casting the spell it is Mir which makes this a very enjoyable character to play. We also see this in Aran where you are using normal warrior melee attacks however the adding of moves such as double and triple swing aswell as final charge, cross or blow which must be used in rapid succession makes this a very enjoyable character not to mention the combo skills. But then we come to the Resistance set which, I believe, are the most interesting classes, they are more like hybrid classes for example battle mages have the magic capabilities except they are tankers with awesome buffs and melee damage, Mechs have a wide range of physiscal and ranged abilities and wild hunters are xbowmen with the agility and manouvreability of sins aswell as some moves similar to those of many different classes.

So we can see some common traits in the sets.

Adventurers: The original classes, multiple branches of sub-classes.
Cygnus Knights: Similar to adventurers, however there are a few changes such as refined move sets.
Legends: Different move set to adventurers but the concept is the same with the addition of an extra "perk" (Dragon, Combos).
Resistance: Completely different move set to their adventurer counterparts and more like hybrid classes.

The Adenturer and CK sets are complete (there is a magician, thief, warrior, pirate and bowman class in them) and some would say that the resistance is aswell but Spadow does not, he has found a trace of a new warior resistance class and I was thinking about this alot and have decided to ask you guys for your opinion, and if they are making a warior class, maybe they are also making a thief resistance class aswell. My ideas of the two hypothetical resistance classes (what I want them to be) are for the warior, a mace wielding character that has a high max mp and casts lots of party buffs and uses ranged attacks aswell as some awesome melee ones and for theif maybe a "Sindit" who uses throwing stars aswell as some type of physical weapon with a high damage maybe claw + dagger wielding . As for upcoming legends I have no idea what they would be but there are rumors of a dual bow wielding elf which i personally belive and wouldnt mind trying out =).

So guys tell me what you think of my ideas and give me some of your own, constructive criticism is welcome, however I'd prefer if wasn't much hate cos I put a lot of effort into this.

Do your worst =)
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ghunbong Level 172 Windia I/L Arch Mage
What I don't understand about dual bows is that... its physically impossible to shoot two bows at once... unless you have 4hands or you shoot it one at a time which is the most stupidest idea ever. I understand that maplestory doesn't use logic, but still.
May 30 2011
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Why do you say do your worst? That encourages hate, flame more than constructive criticism.

As for the to be announced classes...I have doubts with Sindits and Mace wielding warriors...
May 30 2011
Apparently dual bows dont use arrows but use mp and only need one hand to hold it and the rest is done though magic or something, not sure on that though
May 30 2011
Karkain Level 211 Broa Hero
Resistance Warrior with a mace? Nahh. How bout sword and shield? It'd be cheaper for me that way >.>

Sindit? Doubt it. Chance are that the next actual Thief class will use claw for the sake of giving a little more attention to them.

Future reference: don't say "Do your worst" to a community of people that are willing to flame someone over Heaven knows what.
May 30 2011
What I don't understand about dual bows is that... its physically impossible to shoot two bows at once... unless you have 4hands or you shoot it one at a time which is the most stupidest idea ever. I understand that maplestory doesn't use logic, but still.[/quote]

what this guy said
even though you can fire 2 crossbows at the same time, you can't reload them
May 30 2011
Like I said before I think they are reloade with magic
May 30 2011
Its like a gattling gun, you load a round of arrows into the crossbow and fire
May 30 2011

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