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$5 Ultimate Game Card

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So is there a way to use a $5 Ultimate Game Card? I know the ways of using the $10+ Ultimate Game Cards but I don't anything that says about $5 Ultimate Game Cards. When I click on charge nx it has a 5k nx choice. I click it and theres no pay by cash (way to use Ultimate Game Cards) When I click on 10k nx there is a pay by cash. So if any one knows how to use a $5 Ultimate Game Card for nx please post it here.
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cashmoneyinfini Level 178 Broa Paladin
I don't think you can :0
Jun 02 2011
Kiyoshiro Level 110 Zenith Wind Archer 3
get another 5$ and use them both as a 10
Jun 02 2011
I don't think you can. :O[/quote]

I love you

you use the code on the gamecard... and input as a nexon code i think[/quote]

That won't work since it is a normal $10 code has to be used in pay by cash and does not work in the nexon codes. So a $5 would not work on it. I needa way to use a $5 game card on it.
Jun 02 2011
New Screen: Lvl 200 begginer
you can, just inbox me and I'll tell you. No troll, I'm too lazy to type it up right now,.
Jun 02 2011
@TomaHawkedU [url=]Stranger Danger[/url]
Jun 02 2011
@TomaHawkedU [url=]Stranger Danger[/url][/quote]

Come on babe I love you and you will love me too when you get to know me. I know that your just insecure about your body but its ok ill make everything much better.
Jun 02 2011
pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord
How do these cards work? They sell them at the Walgreens closest to my house and I'm not willing to walk many more blocks just to get Nx. They only sell the 20 dollar card, but I'm kind of tempted.
Jun 02 2011
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@pinksinsfew You click on 10$ on pay on line and then you click paybycash and enter code.
Jun 02 2011
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