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Maple shutting down at char selection?

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Jun 03 11
Bera Beginner
Ok so i was on my sin when i started to lag and maple shut down. I restarted maple and input my id/pw. When i hit log-in it says (having trouble logging in, then go to our website) or something along those lines. it does this about three times or so and then i finally get to the channel selection. i choose my world(bera) and a channel, and then go to my character and input my pic. but than it just sits there for a minute or so and shuts back down. this happens to all my chars on bera. is this happening to anyone else? Anyone know why this is happening?
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Jun 03 11
Khaini Mechanic 3
You botting? Because virtually all of the trainers caused that after the new patch.
Jun 03 11
Bera Corsair
This exact same thing is happening to me. I'll DC right after entering in my PIN.
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Jun 03 11
Windia Night Lord
umm mine shuts down at channel selection
Jun 03 11
Windia Mechanic 3
Well people, get ready for a server maintance and 2x exp
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Jun 03 11*
Windia Blade Recruit

So it's not just me? Or .. ? Cause I'm pretty convinced it's my MS.

EDIT: Now I can't even log in.. I click START GAME from website.. and mouse wait clock starts.. and dissapears. And no MS. =/ What now?
Jun 03 11
Windia Xenon 4
I'm still online,but chats are lagging like 4 mins behind.
As well as guild and family not showing up.Something on Nexon's end is screwed up.
Jun 03 11
Windia Aran 3

I lag then D/C...
Maybe it's a new hack D:
Jun 03 11
Bera Beginner
drewface: You botting? Because virtually all of the trainers caused that after the new patch.

i dont bot, nor hack. Never will. I'll never tarnish my 5 years worth of playing for something as insignificant as that. This has nothing to do with botting. that much i know.

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