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i was reinstalling ms and i got that code when download was done..

"cannot load game data"

i restarded my comp many times, downloaded client, old way etc

and im on window 7 home premium 64bit..last time when i download ms had no i dont know whats wrong now.

please help
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PolarZero Level 161 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Have you tried to open MS both ways? (GameLauncher and site)
Jun 04 2011
It works fine on another comp..
And it's not that I can't start ms,
It's that I can't install it, whenever installation is done, normally u go into actual installation (like mob/Mao/skill wz) etc.
But for me, I just get an error code "cannot load game data"
Jun 04 2011
Hmmm I had the same problem but I think that I rebooted by whole entire laptop and it worked again
Jun 04 2011
Reboot as in shut down n turn back on?
Jun 04 2011

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