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Improve one thing about the avatar above you!

MapleStory Forums : Fashion Corner : Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names

Jun 05 11
Arcania F/P Arch Mage
Yea, choose one thing to change about the avatar above you! ...or, if it's perfect, then don't change anything at all
Feel free to post pics of the changed look-bannedstory is back~it's amazing 8D, or even stick the person's avi in ms paint and draw one thing weird on it!

Remember, this is a fun thread, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it as an exchange of styles.

Let's start!
Mr.'re beautiful, but I just realized how bushy your eyebrows are. o-o I shall change that.

EDIT: Wow! haha going on our 100th page
EDIT2: 200th page Thank you everybody for your posts!
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Jul 14 11
Galicia Evan 10th Growth
only thing I'd change here is the eyes
-they scare me- .__.
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Jul 14 11*
Bera Blade Master
AUniversityO Guild
The hat. I'll unflatten your hair for you.
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Jul 14 11*
Bellocan Luminous 4
Not a fan of the weapon
Love the hair tho

I took claw off but I can't update
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Jul 14 11
Bera Mercedes 3
The yellow glowy hook seems a bit out of place. Other than that, I'm not really a fan of the hair.
Jul 14 11*
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
The outfit is pretty good as it is but the pants could look better if they were different. The bracelet is a little random also
Jul 14 11
Galicia Evan 10th Growth
above the gray blob, I would add shoes
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Jul 14 11
Bera Buccaneer
LovelyRosa777: above the gray blob, I would add shoes

I would get new eyes. :0

I already know my colors don't match. D: Wish I had invis earrings and gloves. QQ
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Jul 14 11
Bera Wild Hunter 4
The outfit looks a bit bland to me, maybe add more colours? But I love your eyes!
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Jul 15 11
Galicia Cleric
I really really like yours. I think it's adorable and very eye catching but the earrings and eye color clash and throw the look off a bit
Jul 15 11
Windia Evan 6th Growth
Your outfit seems pretty good to me. You could probably get some differently shaped shoes though.
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