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Improve one thing about the avatar above you!

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Yea, choose one thing to change about the avatar above you! ...or, if it's perfect, then don't change anything at all
Feel free to post pics of the changed look-bannedstory is back~it's amazing 8D, or even stick the person's avi in ms paint and draw one thing weird on it!

Remember, this is a fun thread, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it as an exchange of styles.

Let's start!
Mr.'re beautiful, but I just realized how bushy your eyebrows are. o-o I shall change that.

EDIT: Wow! haha going on our 100th page
EDIT2: 200th page Thank you everybody for your posts!
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@kurandox99 a lot of people say that.. originally I chose these eyes because I kind of give my characters personalities, and that character loves cutesy stuff but is unfriendly because she's really shy, so I gave her unfriendly looking eyes.
You're probably right though...
I'm just really attached to these eyes xD They're one of my favorites

anyway OT I like your look it's really interesting. Maybe add a blue accessory or something to match your hair if you can find one that works.

EDIT: mygosh I got ninjad like 3 times wow ! hfjkdgfd
em anyway I think I already said this to you but the weapon doesn't go
Jul 17 2011
very cute, i dont like the tail, but its not too bad ;D
Jul 17 2011
the devil horns give me nightmares DX
Jul 17 2011
Wow, I actually really love your avatar, which doesn't happen too often. I really don't know what to say here. xD
Jul 17 2011
change the wand (as in get an nx cover)
Jul 17 2011
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Maybe change the shoes to pink ones? And your eyes are very unique (:
Jul 18 2011
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