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Improve one thing about the avatar above you!

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Veggie Level 200 Arcania F/P Arch Mage See what games, anime & art Veggie is intoVeggie
Yea, choose one thing to change about the avatar above you! ...or, if it's perfect, then don't change anything at all
Feel free to post pics of the changed look-bannedstory is back~it's amazing 8D, or even stick the person's avi in ms paint and draw one thing weird on it!

Remember, this is a fun thread, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it as an exchange of styles.

Let's start!
Mr.'re beautiful, but I just realized how bushy your eyebrows are. o-o I shall change that.

EDIT: Wow! haha going on our 100th page
EDIT2: 200th page Thank you everybody for your posts!
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raajah13 Level 106 Scania Priest
Um, change the eyes.
Jun 14 2011
He was one of the oldies in the Fashion Corner. Not as old as Kevin or Damian (Luscious and Mademoiselle), but pretty old.

OT: Everything but the hat into something that matches.[/quote]

No... He's not close to an oldie. You're DrakeCalvin was posting here way before I seen him. SARS not oldie and you're pretty new yourself compared to the rest SARS. The last wave of fcers was you, SSickle, HJunker, WDPlank and that other nib I forgot. wow what his name he inactive too?
Jun 14 2011
You cannot read.

Oh, and DrakeCalvin wasn't my oldest account. [/quote]

Yes I can j00 nib. He isn't considered even to the slightest as a possible "oldie"
So what If DC not your oldest. He still post here before SSickle. Okay werd I win.
Jun 14 2011
aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
I don't know how you manage around here with that hat and top...
Ah well, I won't change those. I'd give you a weapon.[/quote]

Maybe cuz he's one of the oldies, he gets a free flameproof body vest from the FC private club.

Anyways, I'd get some pants... like the beginner shorts. maybe...
Jun 14 2011
bow, i see a rockerish look and the bow kinda kills it
great look tho - oh if rockerish was the theme id maybe say that raggedy hair you get when you first make a character would totally fit
or roxy
Jun 14 2011
I understand the style, but I would get different glasses. Maybe another skin color as well. It looks sickly lol.
Jun 14 2011
the wand seems out of place. if you change it your character would look really cute.
the wand doesn't clash or anything but makes you look a little cluttered. something more sleek would be better imo
Jun 14 2011
aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
^ Like a reverse staff

I already rated Aloe so...

I'd take out the Maple leaf.
Jun 14 2011
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