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Improve one thing about the avatar above you!

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Veggie Level 200 Arcania F/P Arch Mage Veggie @
Yea, choose one thing to change about the avatar above you! ...or, if it's perfect, then don't change anything at all
Feel free to post pics of the changed look-bannedstory is back~it's amazing 8D, or even stick the person's avi in ms paint and draw one thing weird on it!

Remember, this is a fun thread, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so think of it as an exchange of styles.

Let's start!
Mr.'re beautiful, but I just realized how bushy your eyebrows are. o-o I shall change that.

EDIT: Wow! haha going on our 100th page
EDIT2: 200th page Thank you everybody for your posts!
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I'd change.... your little accesory on your head - it looks a bit overdone as there is already these red hearts on your hair
Jun 15 2011
aww what happened to your hair? =/
I liked it a lot better than this new one.
I love the shield you added though
Jun 15 2011
I'm sorry, but your eyes.
And I know; I need new ones too.
Jun 15 2011
aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman

I'd change the hippie looking poncho. Seems a bit off place with your cap. (Well change either one)
Jun 15 2011
New Screen: At the basil park
The balloon cape.
Jun 16 2011
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