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earn nx from surveys not working?

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Jun 12 11
Scania Bishop
when i try to do surveys from the maplestory webpage, it wont let me through.

account info/ charge account/ earn nx - it gives me this notice: You have reached this page through an error.
Return to the Charge NX page.(Code:0)

Has anyone experienced this? If so, how else am i able to take the surveys for nx?
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Jun 12 11
Bellocan Night Lord
Many people such as myself have, people say to make a new account as an NX mule and it should work...It doesn't,well not for me.
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Jun 12 11
Scania Blade Lord
Go back, and click earn nx again. Try it 3-5 times.
Jun 12 11
Windia Buccaneer
Go to youtube and search on godlymotor
That should help you
Jun 12 11
Bellocan Chief Bandit
This happens to me too.. can anyone help D:
Jun 12 11
Broa Phantom 4
Just get an NX mule, it should work.
I think this only happens to old accounts.
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Jun 12 11
Bellocan Bow Master
Not that but I've found offers just refusing to credit after completion now. At least I got enough NX to get a water of life, meso magnet and item pouch though.
Jun 12 11
Scania Shadower
is the survey nx giftable?
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Jun 12 11
Khaini Demon Slayer 4
same thing happens to but i jus make another account and do them
then jus gift my other character
Jun 12 11
Broa Kaiser 4
I just make a new account, buy $15 disposable credit card, use 15 to buy me something else and then use the card to do netflix survey.
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