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Why no can't make Aran
MapleStory Forums : Aran : Talk about the Aran class
Jun 14 11
Scania Phantom 4
I try to make Aran but no no It say no and I can't no make Arab plz gelp I want to play it fun I see delran on utube I want to be bÍtr than her pl help no on help me I am
9 plz
Bed soon help ma Noe !
Jun 14 11
Scania Aran 4
You can't make an Evan, Aran, or Dual Blade right now.
Jun 14 11
Scania Aran 4
its lock for now on tll june29 i think
and delaran is a guy O_O
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Jun 14 11
Scania Aran 4
better than delaran O_O, thats a challenge lol
Jun 14 11
Windia Xenon 4
Worst spelling ever, Jesus! Anyways yeah like mentioned b4, u can't make any of those 3 till the 29th. That is all. N gl beating that GUY, probably would take u billions of mesos
Jun 14 11*
Scania Phantom 4
How buc longer jun 29 I wan play Aran now I have 10nexn I can be better than delran becaus I hav 10atak wokglov bed sun you r nix I lov you all fir helping me aran
Jun 14 11
Broa Paladin
I'm trying not to hate you right now. The way you talk is so annoying.

1. Learn to read the nexon website
2. You will never do 1/20th of delaran's damage
3. Delaran is a guy
4. I could spell things when I was 6
5. Please don't make an aran, I enjoy this community
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Jun 14 11
Scania Phantom 4
I en 3 grad an Iz nic I like a buy and be don like me bt I ha 10ataxk eg it is Gus a 200000mesos for it

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