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Targa and scarlion quest help

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I'm a level 90 pure luck, and I was thinking of buying svc for targa and scar quest. But before that, I have several questions regarding the quest and svc procedure.
1) suitable level for this quest?
2) svc rate
3) how many people in at one time
4) preferred job and level to look for when buying svc
5) scar and targa average dmg
6) do I need to do the five pre quest to get in? (getting the theme park spirit quests)
7) how and WHAT to say when buying svc. Eg. Do I need to say whether if I got the spirits or do I need to say "i won't attack much and I want a helm"?
teach me what to say when buying svc.
8) payment method. Eg. Pay half first or pay all at once?
9) things to look out when buying svc. Eg. Like scamming or looting of helm despite me paying?
10) things to look out when in the map. Eg. How big is the map, what potions needed while fighting, things to do to survive?
11) scar or targa better for a pure luck like me?
12) does svc require me to attack the boss too?
If someone can answer all of the questions, I will be very happy. Please help me, I know that i am a noob, but please help me. ):
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lol... 90 at scar?
unless you just leach the helm
Jun 15 2011
XxSluhsiexX Level 209 Bera Luminous 4
I'm assuming SVC is something like a group which sells scar/targa helms. From there, to answer your questions:

- The prequests are pretty simple for a level 90. Should take an hour or so to complete.
- You need at least 6 people in your expedition to enter the Scarga map, and the maximum allowance is too high to consider for that to be a problem.
- There should definitely be a rusher in the party, but apart from that, any other class is fine
- The last bodies of scarga do around 3-4k damage so if you need hb, make sure you make that clear
- Yes, all prequests must be complete before you can enter the scarga map. No, you don't need any sort of item in your inventory. Only the leader of the expedition needs 2 spirits
- Usually I give out scarga helms for free, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone like that. If not, around 10-20m per helm sounds normal.
- Most sellers prefer for you to pay it all at first. Of course you should be hesitant of scammers, but they're hesitant of you too. There's never any certainty that the buyer won't steal all the helms.
- There's a safe spot in the map. Ask the party to rush to the right, and on the left of the map there's a tiny house which you can stand on. Otherwise, never afk and keep your hp up
- The last body's level 140, so you're probably not expected to attack at all.
Jun 15 2011
Then what are the contents for me to say when buying svc? Like whether I should say if I'm just leeching? If anyone has bought svc before, tell me what exactly you said to the seller.
Thanks btw (:
Jun 15 2011
XxSluhsiexX Level 209 Bera Luminous 4
I might need to know what SVC stands for. Specifically.

But going on my previous assumption, I'm pretty sure there are people who sell boss run loots all the time. It may be more reassuring if you could add a player to your basil players list. With that comes the listings for your world, and you can either add your own listing looking for a scarga run or sign yourself up for someone who sells runs.

By leeching, do you mean looting only? If so, then don't feel like it's a huge deal for the seller, I'm pretty sure they've done it plenty of times. Just say something like, "Hey, I hear that you sell scar/targa helms and I'm interested in buying one. How much do you charge?"
Jun 15 2011
I am very sorry for missing out an info. I play maplesea. And svc stands for service. Which means you pay someone to do the job for you. While you leech or loot. I want to know the content because I believe alot first timers would also wanna know. So that the seller would not think we are noobs and scam us. It's okay if you can't help me, cuz basil consist mainly of global ms players.
Jun 15 2011
1) lv70+ to go in the run i think, to wear helm req lv80.
2) not sure what u mean by this
3) need a party of 6 members
4) job doenst matter, but a hero with magic guard would help. some ppl i know saying they can solo at lv170 but with few attackers 130+ shud be enough?
5) scarlion: 3 bosses, first one wont 1hit KO you, 2nd probably neither, 3rd one will. about targa i dunno
6) yes you have to do prequest to get in
7) B> scar helm. there might be ppl who are willing to take you in for free, but if not B> scar hat 10m? (or w/e msea's economy is). you just stand in the left corner and do nothing. sitting on a chair or so and chatting
8) dunno, try half first, other half after loot?
9) get people you know?
10) you wont survive, just stay at the left, map is pretty big, when Scar is to the right, you wont even see the ppl who attacking it if you are all the way to the left
11) Targa for pure luck
12) no
Jun 15 2011
Question, if I die in the map, will I be able to enter after i revived?
Will my exp decrease if I die in the map?
Jun 15 2011
Masinko Level 174 Broa Battle Mage 4 Abyssel Guild See what games, anime & art Masinko is intoMasinko
Assuming svc stands for service....

1) If you can hit gallos, you're fine.
2) Idk about mapleSEA, but in BroaGMS, they're like 10mil reg and 15mVIP.
3) 6 people to sign up and 5 people to enter
4) A rusher, and maybe an HBer.
5) PostBB, they do about 3.5k damage.
6) Just have the prequests done. If you're the expedition leader, you need two Fantasy Spirits
7) Look for a trusted guild/seller, and negotiate with them.
8) Depends on who is selling.
9) Ask your buddies / guildies to see whether they've been scammed by the hoster of the run.
10) They attack the entire map, so have 3.5k HP and use Melting Cheese (recovers 4k HP).
11) Scar (DEX), so that it would add more points into dex.
12) Most likely not. PostBB, the 3rd body is level 140, so you need to be level 121+ to hit the body to begin with. If you're buying the helm, you probably just have to sit back and watch your HP as they people selling the service kills the bosses.

EDIT: Your Resurrection will be based on who you're running with and if they can revive you. In GMS, people offer VIP, which if you die or the run fails, you can get another run scheduled for you. Also, if you die, you loose 1% exp.

EDIT2: Some hosts require you to die upon entry of the map. After that, they kill the boss, split the drops, then revive you so that you can pick up your loot. This service depends on who you're running with.
Jun 15 2011
BladesmMan21 Level 190 Bellocan Shadower
lol... 90 at scar?
unless you just leach the helm[/quote]

I did at lv 90 o.0
Jun 15 2011
I meant revive as in auto reviving like pressing "okay" for transport to a near town. If I do that, will I revive back in the map or out of the map? And if revive out of the map, will I be able to join my party immediatly?
Jun 15 2011

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