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My opinion on Shakar96's blog

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Is very nice I'll admit, it has very good information on both KMS and GMS. Its goes more into detail about the updates than spadow(use to). The layout is pretty good too(easy for certain simpletons).

Overall this kid is doing good for starting this year, and in ** MY OPINION[/B] he sha'll be the next Spadow(may that blogger R.I.P.), or the successor to spadow for informational blogs about KMS and GMS with his continued growth in his art of blogging.

Shakar96, if you reading this, keep up the good work.

[url=] For you haters or flamers(yes you people who hate for the sake of hating)[/url]

F.Y.I. There's a difference between having a different opinion, and just straight up butthurt flaming(yes you loyal spadites)
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I disagree with that part " Its goes more into detail about the updates than spadow" But he is doing a good job so far..
Jun 15 2011
Lol funny link. Imo i liked spadows blog better, but I dont hate on shakar cause i know i couldnt do any better, and his isn't that bad.
Jun 15 2011
@t0ky0mike First off i never said shakar96 was better. Shakar96 does go more in depth, he talks about maple events(if you actually **read** it before) essentially the same level as spadow, and communicates with his readers. It also gives more detail about new skills, and clears up some info that spadow had left vague. I also do read Spadows blog(well use to now lol) i never said spadow didn't go into good detail, i just shakar96 goes into better. Also spadow had a lot of random stuff also, just like shakar96, due to ** NO NEW KMS(T) UPDATES[/B]

Also the fact that you said "If you think I'm butt-hurt I'm not." shows that i stuck a nerve in the OP when i said "straightup butthurt flaming", i said theres a difference between different opinions, and flaming, obviously the 2nd applies to you if you mentioned it?

Spadow was a good blogger and will be remembered, but since he freely decided to quit, gives the equal on par, Shakar96, to be a new main source for KMS and GMS news.
Jun 15 2011
ty for ur opinion[/quote]

Your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it and felt secure with it to not hate.
Jun 15 2011
I love the link for haters !
Jun 15 2011
for those of you too lazy to google "Shakar96" and not click the first link...

[url=]You people disgust me[/url]
Jun 15 2011

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