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How to block roblox?

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As the title says.

My little brother (who is 8) has been playing that game non stop.

Its lagging my use of the internet, and doesn't affect him, so I pay the price.

We already upgraded our internet to the best one available in my area, but I still lag.

The only time I don't lag is when he isn't playing roblox which is around 11 p.m.

My parents don't think its nothing wrong, and tells me to stop being selfish, which leads him to laugh at me and talks in a
"innocent" sort of way to my parents.

So, what can I do?

Uninstalling doesn't work, as he keeps redownloading it.
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Try this link:
If you have a router, I'd suggest blocking that website using the router. It's more secure than just blocking it in the web browser.[/quote]

I have no idea how to block using our router (2wired)

I'll try the one with windows host file, hopefully it works.

thank you, still looking for more options.

@above I have yet to touch maplestory in over 1 year. been playing Lost Saga.
Jun 18 2011
My parents don't think its nothing wrong
Jun 18 2011
Pepper Level 130 Elnido Night Lord
Go into his Roblox folder and delete random files you think are important.
Or something.
Jun 18 2011
Im not familiar with roblox, all I see on his desktop is a link to roblox that redirects him to some
list of games for roblox, or whatever.
Jun 18 2011
Pepper Level 130 Elnido Night Lord
Is he on a seperate computer? DELETE SYSTEM32 AND PRETEND ROBLOX IS A VIRUS! >
Jun 18 2011
Too extreme.

something that will tell him to stop playing roblox,
and move on to a different game that won't lag me.
Jun 18 2011
kh26 Level 159 Windia Shadower
It is horrible, me and my 11 year old friends use to play it @ school and some of my friends were addicted, like your borther.
The graphics -shrudders-
@solikewhatsup same, i havent mapled in like 4 months, too much being noob in gold sc2 :O.
Btw, guys Roblox isnt installed, it launches of a bowser without any downloading notifications.
Jun 19 2011
Chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art Chema is intoChema
Your brother just owned you
there is nothing you can do
Jun 19 2011
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