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So I'm a 130 aran and I'm so tired of lhc cause it so slow but before nexon made patch to maplestory there was a spawn glitch that I lv so fast like in 50min 1 lv now it so slow and I want to get to lv 140 the fastest before chaos comes out
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TehXPinoy Level 200 Bera Aran 4
Lhc is the best option actually. Your probably lack motivation or It really depends on funding in Lhc Meaning - You should try oneuping your dmg a bit.
Jun 25 2011
Lol LHC is slow for you?

Im pretty unfunded, and i find it really fast, even without the glitched maps.

Whats your range bro?
Jun 25 2011
LHC is the best option.

It doesn't matter how crappy/godly your equips are. You just think it's slow because you managed to glitch your way up to 130.

Once you get to 140 you'll realize that it just gets slower.

Just quit now b4 you QQ more. I have very little patience with people like you.
Jun 25 2011
Dude 50% an hour isnt slow and you only need funding when u get to a higher lvl for lhc.....before i funded my self more it to me 5 hours to get 70% so stop looking for a easy way out. and if u get ur self funded i lvl 50% an hour and im 164 right now
Jun 25 2011
dude chill. u took the easy way. now u pay for it. just saying. but lhc is always the best option atm srry bud
Jun 26 2011
"Not to sound slutty, but please use me when ever you like."

Sincerely, Grammar
Jun 26 2011
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