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Jun 30 11
Chaos Marksman
So i was looking through Henesys and came upon two new NPCs, one of them was the clothes donater, i kind of want to know what that NPC does too. The other one that interested me was Nave i think. I clicked on him and he sells items like a rose, a pocket watch, etc. They all give stats like i think the rose gives LUK. But the item description on all of them says must be equipped on pocket slot.
Whats a pocket slot?
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Jun 30 11
Scania Mercedes 4
I'm wondering the same thing.
Jun 30 11
Mardia Buccaneer
they are gona create a pocket slot for our characters soon, just like how they gave us shoulder pads
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Jul 01 11
Bellocan Aran 4
I''m wondering the same thing.
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Jul 01 11
Scania Blade Recruit
You get a pocket slot once you reach level 30 Charm.
Jul 01 11
Broa Shadower
above how do you know how much charm you have?
Jul 01 11
Bellocan Battle Mage 4
Eolias: You get a pocket slot once you reach level 30 Charm.

Jul 01 11
Dude, i bought all those pocket items. Set up my shop put them for 10mil each. 2 of them were sold. LOL LOL LOL PROFIT~~~
Jul 01 11
Bera Mechanic 3
Clothes donater is to delete unwanted NX vanity items,I.E sunglasses
Jul 01 11
Broa Wild Hunter 4
Eolias: You get a pocket slot once you reach level 30 Charm.

Oh, pretty cool

WHen i first logged on, i spent like 10M buying these from people in FM, before i realised i couldn't equip them, or an NPC sold them for 50k ^_^
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