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my gemstone imp is sick, what do i feed it?

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Jun 30 11
Scania Blade Lord
title... i was experimenting with what i can/can't feed it. i think feeding it an etc. item caused it to become sick but i have no idea what to do now; it won't eat anything it just says "too sick to eat" or "does not want this item."

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Jun 30 11
Scania Hero
The only cure is in the crafting town shop... and it not out yet, so there is nothing you can do if it get sick.
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Jun 30 11
ElNido Bow Master
DoTheDew: howd u get da imp?

They drop commonly. Just kill random monsters, so far I've gotten about 5 imps. Only used two though as I don't want to waste equipment to find out the reward is junk.
Jun 30 11
Arcania Dark Knight
R.I.P. Gemstone Imp. You'll always be remembered.

On a more serious note, July 11th should be the day that Professions are formally released. If you find another imp, don't use it until then, unless you have tons of equips around your level to feed it every 10 minutes. Any imps that become sick are doomed until the 11th.
Jun 30 11
Scania Blade Lord
... bummer. lol. i'll just keep them for now then haha
Jun 30 11
Windia Evan 10th Growth
I was happy when I found my pet rock c: but it sucks we have to wait for the 11th :c
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Jun 30 11
Windia Blade Recruit
You can feed it ETC items, too
Jun 30 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
what does it do O_o
Jun 30 11
Khaini Night Lord
Sorry to be so unaware of what you guys are talking about.. but what could somebody tell me what an "imp" is?
Jun 30 11
Scania Night Lord
i feed my pet rock etc items...
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