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Jun 30 11
Windia F/P Wizard
so my Rock is sick, and I know there is an NPC that sells a cure, but I dont know where! I've tried looking it up but i cant find it, please help.
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Jun 30 11
Renegades Luminous 2
Pet Rock?
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Jun 30 11*
Khaini Hero
Troll harder.
EDIT: Wait this is real? Wow... well I have no idea.
Pet Rock
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Jun 30 11
Windia F/P Wizard
Item pot, gemstone imp
Jun 30 11
Windia Evan 10th Growth
No it actually exists. LOL, my brother's ore/rock pet thingy died because it got sick. I don't know where the NPC is either, good luck.
Jun 30 11
Galicia Evan 9th Growth
Its an Orange Imp. You obtain it from monsters. Used in some professions.
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Jun 30 11
Mardia Blade Recruit
feed it potions u rock abuser
Jun 30 11
Windia Bow Master
u get the cure potion in profession place but since that comes on the 11th good luck ;D
Jun 30 11
Bera I/L Arch Mage
You can't cure it. The cure is sold by the NPC in ardentmill, which won't be open until the 11th of july.

My pet got sick and i had to humanely put him down. I saved him hours of suffering :[
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Jun 30 11
Scania Corsair
Whaaa I just got a "Cute Rock pet thing" I don't want it to get sick
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