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HELP! Manual Patcher stuck at Base.wz?

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iShAn Level 150 Bera Corsair
So today I had to re-download maplestory and I did. However when I clicked gamelauncher it didn't patch the chaos patch. So i had to use manual patcher and now its stuck sitting at base.wz ? What do I do? PLEASE HELP.
Posted: June 2011 Permalink


i have the same porblem too. im just re-downloading maple. theres goes anoterh 2 hrs -.-
Jun 30 2011
This is how mines acting to I tried from via web and clicked on play then continue but it didnt start uo so then i did the manual patch and its stuck on base.wz
Jun 30 2011
how do you manually patch it e_o I want to try..
Jun 30 2011
iShAn Level 150 Bera Corsair
Yeah at blazing i just tried website did not work.....*SIGH* i think chaos is a chaos....=_=
Jun 30 2011
Lukavi Level 78 Bera Wild Hunter 3
I'm having the same problem. It worked yesterday. Going to try uninstalling, reinstalling & patching

I believe I have found an answer. Apparently, Windows Firewall is blocking the patch from fully
installing. I disabled my firewall & the patch downloaded then installed.
Jul 02 2011

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