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What's this new Willpower thing?

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crazygama Level 105 Scania Phantom 4
Can someone give me more insitght into it.

Please and thank you :]
Posted: June 2011 Permalink


Are the new NX faces from charm already out?
What level do i need to unlock one?
Jun 30 2011
the skill has its own little inventory.[/quote]

ahh cool :] I was wondering how I'd get more inventory space
Jul 01 2011
draken Level 151 Scania Wind Archer 4
So do those things automatically level up for you?
Jul 01 2011
So do those things automatically level up for you?[/quote]
I think you have to get level 30 charm first, then you can do a quest to get inventory space/facial expressions.
Jul 02 2011
I see what you did there...>_>
Jul 02 2011

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