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What's this new Willpower thing?

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Jun 30 11
Scania Aran 3
Can someone give me more insitght into it.

Please and thank you :]
MapleStory Screen: Red snail tribute
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Jun 30 11
Scania Shadower
there personality Traits
Ambition (Charisma in KMS)
Increased by: Bossing.
-EXP lost when dying
+PVP damage
+Chances of ignoring your enemies’ defense

Empathy (Sense in KMS)
Increased by: Shoveling herbs and completeing quests.
+Quest EXP

Increased by: Mining and completeing quests.
Also, the button I didn’t talk about in our new inventory is open!

Yep, a magnifying glass is open for you! Kind of sucks because you have to get it to level 30 just so you can get the basic one (30 and under one).

Willpower (Will in KMS)
Increased by: Playing MapleStory for a long time without stopping (in other words, be ‘AFK’ if you want to level it up quickly), improving your profession skills, and doing party quests.
+Weapon/Magic DEF
+Abnormal Status Resistance

Dilligence (typo, should be ‘diligence.’ Also, Craft in KMS)
Increased by: Creating stuff using your profession skills.
+Scrolls’ success rate (at level 50, you get 5% more. So for example, a 60% scroll would be 65%. And yes, it does work on every scroll EXCEPT special scrolls).
+Chance of getting 2X Profession EXP (at level 50, 10%).

Increased by: Equipping new items, gaining fame, and doing quests.

+NX faces.
+Equip slots (like, the skill has its own little inventory).

~credits go to Shakar96
MapleStory Screen: Permanent extra pendant slot not so perm
Jun 30 11
Scania Aran 3
oooo ty :]
MapleStory Screen: Red snail tribute
Jun 30 11
Scania Kaiser 4
Are the new NX faces from charm already out?
What level do i need to unlock one?
Jun 30 11
Scania Hermit
what are the nx faces?
Jul 01 11
DemethosGMS Hero
silva69: the skill has its own little inventory.

ahh cool :] I was wondering how I'd get more inventory space
Jul 01 11
Scania Mercedes 4
So do those things automatically level up for you?
MapleStory Video: Pap Solo
Jul 02 11
DemethosGMS Hero
draken: So do those things automatically level up for you?
I think you have to get level 30 charm first, then you can do a quest to get inventory space/facial expressions.
Jul 02 11
Nova Crusader
MapleStory Screen: 8th anniv equips
Jul 02 11
Scania Aran 3
I see what you did there...>_>

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