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Maplestory Personality System - Fastest Way to Increase

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What's the fastest way to increase each personality trait?

Charisma (can be increased by hunting bosses)
Sense (can be increased by collecting herbs)
Insight (can be increased by mining and revealing the hidden potential of items)
Will (can be increased by completing party quests, by gaming time and by leveling up profession skills)
Craft (can be increased by creating equips/items)
Charm (Charm can be increased by equipping/using cash items and when your fame goes up)
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Charisma - Daily Boss Runs OR hunt mini boss every spawn time
Sense - Just do Herbalism
Insight - Just do Mining
Will - Don't Log off and do alot of pqs
Craft - Just craft stuff
Charm - Do Zak run daily and pick up the zhelms
Jul 01 2011
Wat. wtf is this new stuff? o-o
(is totally not with the new change xD)
Jul 01 2011
^Check the official maple site, it gives u a bunch of patch notes and what the update includes. its pretty nifty
Jul 01 2011
Harder the PQ better trait you will get, in KMS some pq also gives 2 different kinds of traits
Jul 01 2011
LOl reminds me of pokemon. But sounds epicly cool
Jul 01 2011
I NEED POFFENS FOR MY NIGHTLORD, anybody got any pecha berries.
Jul 01 2011
Frozenfear13 Level 157 Scania F/P Arch Mage
I do daily paps and hunt minibosses for fun. Doing Mu Lung dojo increases willpower btw.
Jul 01 2011
KniteX0 Level 238 Galicia Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art KniteX0 is intoKniteX0
For willpower, dojoing would possibly be the best since beating it up to leviathan = 63 points (I still can't beat the master sadly).

However, an untested way to lv up willpower and charisma would be to do lots and lots of dimensional crack pqs. Each pq will get you 35 Willpower exp and every time you equip a new broken glasses you get 40 charm exp

Also, equipping zak helms gets you 50 charm per hat, so if you can solo zak, this would be a good method too
Jul 01 2011
Wat. wtf is this new stuff? o-o
(is totally not with the new change xD)[/quote]

Lol, agreed
Jul 01 2011
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