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Jul 03 11
Bera Phantom 4
Just what exactly is Vega's Spell? I read about it in scroll descriptions but what is it and where is the npc? Anyone wanna fill me in?
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Jul 03 11*
Khaini Battle Mage 3
vega, if i have not mistaken, is in eos tower 66th flr

**Edit: i bought stuff from him for 4th job adv
Jul 03 11
ElNido Ranger
The scrolls you get are basically useless unless you get it enhanced by Vega. Vega is a scroll seller and you can find him in places like eos and orbis tower. To get the scrolls enhanced(to work) you have to sell him the scroll,then buy it back. When you buy it back from him it'll be enhanced then you can use the scroll on whatever the scroll is for.
Jul 03 11
Khaini Night Lord
This thread is full of fail...
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Jul 03 11
Mardia I/L Arch Mage
Vega is in Kerning Swamp. Noobs these days..
Jul 03 11
Khaini Mechanic 4
First two posts Fail HARD, the descriptions on the scrolls was for an event a while back that stared Vegas and his ability to somehow enhance the success on a scroll from 10%~>30 and 60%~>90.
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Jul 03 11
Yellonde Mihile 4
the first 2 posters *face palm*
The vega spell is nx item in which enhances the % of the scroll's success rate
10 can go to 30%
60 can go to 90%
Jul 03 11
Renegades Jett 4
It's an NX item. You buy Vega's Spell in the cash shop, use it, then put the scroll and the item you're using the scroll on into the little window that pops up and it increases the % on the scroll. 10% becomes 30% and 60% becomes 90%.
Jul 03 11
ElNido Ranger
DaNo0b Coming from you? That's ironic.
He's also in Eos and Orbis tower dip s***
Jul 03 11*
Khaini Night Lord
You cereal? You guys are... I don't even...
Vega is in Eos Tower. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~D
Tulcus is the scroll seller in the Swamp. ~E
El Mothis the one in Ellinia. ~~~~~~~~~R
Barun is the guy in Orbis Tower. ~~~~~~P
New MapleStory Screen: Hacker trying to take my 2x
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