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Best Class In Maple?

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Hey guys I was just wondering which is the best class in maplestory after the chaos patch?

In my opinion it's the battle mage

What do you think...
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Creeper Level 207 Windia Battle Mage 4
There is no "best class". Each class has it's own set of pros and cons.

It's your personal preference.
Jul 03 2011
What the f*** happened?

I come back since August ish 09, and DK's apparently suck now? MM's got nerfed?

What 'explorer' hasn't got nerfed/has improved?
Jul 03 2011
Sairs Best class (not biased)
Jul 03 2011
In My opinion and based on some personal experience and some facts from different forums and ingame friends relaying information to me in my opinion the top 5 in a DPM chart for PostChaos would be:
1. Corsair
2. Mechanic
3. Wild Hunter
4. Dual Blade
5. Aran
Jul 03 2011
Grey blob is the best class in maplestory. I am not biased. They have an attack that does over 80000% dmg and have a transformation move that turns them into real trolls.
Jul 03 2011
Mechs. Best class in maple. The most original, cool looking, NON-overpowered class in MapleStory. Honestly every class except mechanics is feaking garbage that nexon shudve never introduced into the game.[/quote]

Are you kidding? They were incredibly overpowered pre-Chaos, but now they still have a decent amount of damage. Fair is fair.
Jul 03 2011
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