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Jul 03 11
Alright, so I just bought the Persian Pet Package for 14k Nx I got from MTS-ing. I'm wondering if the 2 Pet Wep Att Scrolls are gonna be worth more later or decrease later, or if better scrolls come out for pet atk and What the price for it is right now.
1)Will It Rise?
2)Are there gonna be better scrolls ?
3)Is the Scroll gonna Re-release?
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Jul 03 11
let me look in my crystal ball
Jul 03 11
Ask kMS
Jul 03 11
Bera Outlaw
LOL @ first two comments.

OT: If they don't release again, which I'm kind of leaning towards, yes these will increase in price. As for your other questions, no one will be able to say for sure at the moment, as the first two guys pointed out
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Jul 03 11
Windia Corsair
Yeah, if this is the only release of these scrolls. but i seriously doubt it.
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Jul 03 11*
I don't know Korean. I'm just wondering. Maybe some people that play's KMS plays this & they can answer

Maybe that one dude Sharkar96 knows
Jul 03 11
can u chaos the pet equip?
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Jul 03 11
Mardia Mercedes 4
Can you chaos scroll the fish?
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