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Jul 03 11
Windia Night Lord
Okay, it says i need to do a quest from bartos, yet this quest isnt there when i talk to him, do i need to already have the 3 pets in my inventory when i talk to him or what?
Thanks for the help basilers
Jul 04 11
Arcania Demon Slayer 4
u talk to the npc in hene park then he will give u a letter to give it to npc above u then come back down and talk to him again....if u do the thing i have said and still didnt work then idk ssry
Jul 04 11
Windia Night Lord
Hmm did'nt work, but thanks for the effort ;]
Jul 04 11
Scania Angelic Buster 4
I think its glitched.
Jul 04 11
Bera Night Lord
I did this yesterday. Go all the way up to the top of the jumpingquest, and click the basket with the cats next to the guy there. Jump down to Bartos and he will ask you to get a Pet Snack. I think I paid 2.5k NX for it. After I bought it, I talked to Bartos again and he gave me the skill. I now run around with 3 pets

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