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Jul 04 11
Scania Bishop
I'm going to get a regualr hairstyle coupon in maple, but I don't know which town i should use it in. Any suggestions?
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Jul 05 11
Windia Magician
Make a list of towns, go on basil's list of hairs & put tallies next to the towns which have the hairstyle you want.
The town with the most tallies has the best chance of making you happy

That's what I do since I'm so indecisive.
MapleStory Screen: Cinnamoe
Jul 10 11
Bera Chief Bandit
get me one too while ur at it
try ludi :o jean and sonara wave
Jul 11 11
Scania Bow Master
Ludi's hard, but you may get lucky. Personally, I think amoria and ariant is easy. Ariant is easiest, so you should go there.
Jul 11 11*
Scania Marksman
Hene, NLC or ludi.
MapleStory Screen: At the basil park

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