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Jul 06 11
Scania Ranger
When i try to log into the website it keeps saying, "Too many log in attempts. Please try again later."
Then I wait a couple of minutes 10~20, and when i log in it stills says it
Is anyone else getting this problem or is it just me?
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Jul 06 11
Broa Assassin
nope my friend is getting the same thing! we dont know why though, she didnt try to log in too many times at all! i hope they fix this with the scheduled maintenance because she really wants to play again! let me know if you figure out how to log in or hear anything about it!
Jul 07 11*
Windia F/P Arch Mage
When someone tries to log into an account more than the number of times in the limit (not sure- 3 times or 5 times or so) with the wrong password, the system LOCKS the account just in case it's a hacker trying password after password trying to get in.

I'm not sure what the time on the lockout is for Maplestory. Some system make you wait 3-4 HOURS and with some it's 24 HOURS. In other words, 10-20 minutes won't do it.

Meanwhile, if you KNOW for sure you haven't entered the wrong password, then it's an indication that SOMEONE is trying to hack your account. As soon as it will let you, you should change all your info (password, PIC) to something that can't be guessed by a hacker.

You should probably also send a Support Ticket on the Nexon site when you can log in there and alert them about what happened in case there's someone actively trying to hack accounts.

And yes, it might be a login glitch, in which case we'll be seeing a lot more people saying the same thing.
Jul 08 11
Broa Assassin
my friend is still locked out of her account and she entered her password correctly. when she tried to change it, it said "your new password can not be identical to the existing password." it probs is a login glitch but nexon is failing to acknowledge it
Jul 08 11
Scania Ranger
I'm still locked out of my account too..I would send a ticket to Nexon except I can't log into my account...I really hope this gets fixed soon because its been a couple of days already.
Also, when every i try and log via GameLauncher nothing happens, its like it is not responding, but when I use a mule account it works perfectly fine
Jul 09 11
Windia Blade Recruit
Happening to my friend too ...
Jul 15 11
Windia Bow Master
This is happening to me right now. Sigh.
Jul 15 11
Scania Dark Knight
This just happened to me, help!
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Jul 15 11
Yellonde Bishop
happened to me b4 but then it started working thankfully but now same prob T^T
Jul 20 11
Bellocan Blade Master
Happened to me too for several days now -.-
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