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Jul 07 11
Broa Blade Lord
Hi everyone =)
After the last maintenance check I tried running MapleStory and a window opened up that said that MapleStory can't run under a virtual machine. The window's title was "Themida". No idea what that is ..
I'm running MapleStory using VMWare Fusion on my Mac on my Windows XP virtual machine. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Is anyone running MapleStory successfully under a Windows 7 virtual machine? Thanks a lot.
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Jul 07 11
Broa Bishop
Same here.
New MapleStory Video: Level 162 Bishop
Jul 07 11
Broa Blade Lord
I hope it's not permanent. What am I supposed to do? Partition my hard drive and run Windows through boot camp? I'd like the ability to run MapleStory on a certain Space, and use my Mac on another space. I don't see why they would not allow MapleStory to run under a virtual machine. It's not laggy or anything. They can't just change the system requirements like that. I paid real money for those damn mastery books just so I could play the game normally. I hate Nexon. It's a shame they made such an addictive game.
Jul 07 11
Windia Crossbow Man
I have the same problem bro.. -____-
Jul 07 11
Bera Blade Master
Yep, same problem here too. Is it just VMWare or has anyone gotten it to work on Parallels? I'm assuming since it's a virtual machine it's all of them. Ugh, Nexon really doesn't want Mac players apparently.
Jul 07 11*
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I can't get on either. I'm guessing it's that new HackShield. I'm going to try reinstalling and let you guys know.

UPDATE: Reinstalling didn't help. :
Jul 07 11*
Broa Paladin
I can confirm on VMWare Workstation using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. "Themida: Sorry this application cannot run under virtual machine." Many other games have stopped this long ago; it's not just Maplestory. Nexon is just slow.
Jul 07 11
Khaini Night Lord
^is there any way to bypass it on said other games?
Jul 07 11
Broa Paladin
No. I've been researching it myself but I haven't found much. Most of them say that you can't as many games "detect" your system specifications naturally in order to figure out if it can run on the said computer. Assuming this is true, VMWare probably has a signature that states that it's a VM.
Jul 07 11
Broa Battle Mage 3
i have the same problem, i was playing fine yesterday but now i cant play at all, this is my only way to play and i dont have any other computers ):
someone please do somthing.
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