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3rd Job advancement for KoC

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I have a new BW, and its about to hit 70. I heard that the 3rd job doesnt need dark crystals anymore?

What do i need now? Id hate to get to ereve and find out i need to go all the way back to like El Nath or ludi or something to get drops.

Thanks in advance!
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From what i remember:

Go to Ereve
Talk to Neinhart for quest to hunt for imposter, you would normally give him a rock for the pass but not anymore i believe
Search Training grounds for imposter job instructor(the imposter is whichever is your instructor)
Defeat Imposter
Go Back
Job Advance
Jul 07 2011
garyzx100 Level 188 Scania Hero
I heard you needed 20 Mateon's Tentacles. (They're from Omega Sector)
Jul 07 2011

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